Part #: 2593996-333

Model: TARSYN 333

Honeywell - 3-Axis Reference Gyro
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- 3-Axis Reference Gyro

NSN: 6615-01-439-7594

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Per a Honeywell Technical newsletter , all gyros have a shelf life of 6 months. During long periods of inactivity, the lubricating oils have a tendency to creep from the spin and gimbal bearings and puddle in the bearing raceways. The performance of gyros is greatly affected by extended periods of shelf time; therefore the gyro should be inspected in order to ensure proper operation.

Negotiating the exchange price of a unit only limits the allowable repair cap for the core unit. Southeast Aerospace's exchange transactions are based on the return of economically repairable core unit. Once the core is received and evaluated, the core repair cost incurred by SEA cannot exceed 80% of the original exchange price. That is, it cannot cost SEA more than 80% of the original OH/SV exchange price collected from the customer. Therefore, when and if an SEA exchange price is discounted, there is a risk that additional charges may be assessed once the core is returned and evaluated.

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Serial # 80053960
Condition OH
Mods -
Tag Date 04/27/20
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Serial # 80053994
Condition OH
Mods A-G,J-O,R-T
Tag Date 08/29/19
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