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Model: TPA-100B




Enhanced TCAS II Processor

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  • 6MCU or 4MCU form TCAS Processor Traffic Computer used in the CAS-100B TCAS / ACAS II system
  • Change 7.1 Functionality
  • ADS-B In Capabilities
  • Easy to Upgrade existing TCAS Systems
  • Builds on the functionality of the CAS-100A System by adding RTCA DO-185B (Change 7.1), Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness (ATSAW), and RTCA DO-300 (hybrid surveillance) functionality as software only updates
  • Meeting the requirements for an ACAS II system as defined in RTCA DO-185B, the current capabilities include:
    • Traffic Information  - TCAS interfaces with the aircraft display system to provide visual indications of intruder aircraft. This information includes intruder altitude, bearing, range & threat level
    • Collision Avoidance - TCAS utilizes collision avoidance algorithms as defined in DO-185B to provide resolution advisory commands in the vertical plane
    • Active Surveillance - Using RF interrogations at 1030 MHz, the TCAS is capable of actively tracking other Mode C and Mode S equipped aircraft out to 80 to 100 nm
  • In addition to standard TCAS functions, the CAS-100B will be software upgradeable to incorporate ADS-B In functionality above the standard ACAS II System including:
    • Passive Surveillance - CAS-100B has the ability to receive and process ADS-B squitters at 1090 MHz that are transmitted from other aircraft. The information received and processed from the ADS-B squitters includes aircraft identification, aircraft position and aircraft velocity. The range for passive surveillance is greater than 100 nm.
    • Hybrid Surveillance - TCAS utilizes the algorithms defined in DO-300 to enable the use of intruder data received using passive surveillance. This surveillance technique provides greater intruder situational awareness and enables TCAS to reduce its active interrogation rate by using position information received passively via ADS-B
    • ADS-B In Applications -
      • ATSA-AIRB - Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness
      • ATSA-ITP - Flight Level Changes using In-Trail Procedures in Oceanic Airspace lead to enhanced efficiency via reduced longitudinal separation (15 NM will be sufficient for a flight level change compared to 80 NM today), significant fuel savings due to optimum flight level, and better awareness of the traffic situation during flight level change procedure.
      • ATSA-VSA - Visual Separation Approach makes it easier for flight crews to acquire and maintain own visual contact with the preceding aircraft. Flight crews can maintain a more precise distance from the preceding aircraft (anticipating speed change). Also VSA provides potential runway capacity improvements in Visual Meteorological Condition (VMC) and Alternate VMC
    • Functional Growth - Using its abilities for more accurate intruder location and identification, the Traffic Computer can be an integral component of future aircraft capabilities such as enhanced situational awareness on the Airport Surface (ATSA-SURF)
  • ADS-B in growth functions will be implemented through software upgrades
  • Easy upgrade from current Honeywell TCAS II Systems
    • Upgrade from CAS-81A TCAS II is virtually plug-and-play replacement
    • Upgrade from CAS-67A system requires the replacement of the mounting tray and connectors, as well as the installation of ANT-81A Directional Antenna(s) in place of the ANT-67A
  • Typical 4 MCU CAS-100 System consists of: TPA-100B Processor, ANT-81A Antenna, MST-67A Mode S Transponder, and IVA-81D Indicator (plus installation kits & accessories)

* The purchase of this component from Southeast Aerospace does not definitively provide access to any or all technical publications that may be necessary for installation and certification of components or systems in an aircraft. It is the responsibility of the installer or installing agency to determine the ultimate eligibility of a part for installation.


Part Number: Description:
940-0351-001 Superseded by -010 (Suggested CAS-81A Upgrade)
940-0351-005 Airbus specific model
940-0351-010 Replaces 940-0351-001; 6 MCU version (CAS-81A Upgrade)
940-0451-001 Superseded by -010 (Suggested CAS-67A Upgrade)
940-0451-010 Replaces 940-0451-001; 4 MCU version (CAS-67A Upgrade)


- Enhanced TCAS II Processor
Price Condition Status
- Enhanced TCAS II Processor (Change 7.1) - Airbus
Price Condition Status
- Enhanced ACAS II Processor

NSN: 6610-01-656-2911

Price Condition Status
- Enhanced ACAS II Processor
Price Condition Status

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