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Part #: 7021450-801

Model: WU-880






Radar Transceiver

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  • Radar Receiver Transmitter Antenna (RTA) used with the Primus-880 digital weather radar system
  • Incorporates all circuitry required for transmitting, receiving, signal processing, scan conversion, serial data, and control interface to the other system components as well as EFIS/MFD
  • Incorporates the antenna positioning and control mechanism
  • Designed for cantilever mounting on the front bulkhead of the aircraft
  • 10 kw transmitter
  • Ground Map Mode
  • Turbulence Detection (displayed in gray white)
  • Able to be operated with dual controls ( WC-880 )
  • Selectable Redcued Sector Scan (full @ 120 or sector @ 60 degrees)
  • Accepts 10, 12, 15, 18, or 24 inch flat plate array (note: array included in installation kit)



Weight: 15 lbs. (w/o array) Operating Voltage (DC): 28VDC nominal (22-32 max)
Power Consumption (DC): 110 watts max Current (DC): 4A nominal (5A max)
Operating Voltage (AC): 26VAC nominal (21-31 max) or 115VAC (97-134 max) 400Hz at 0.12 VA max Power Consumption (AC): 110 watts max
Frequency: 9375 +- 25 Mhz Stabilization: Line of sight, +-30 degrees (pitch/roll and tilt)
Tilt: +-15 degrees Scan: Full- 120 degrees (+-60 degrees) Sector - 60 degrees (+-30 degrees)
Gain: 26.5 dB (10") 28 dB (12") Beamwidth: 10 degrees (10") 7.9 degrees (12")
Scan Rate: 12.0 looks/minute minimum Power: 10 kW nominal, magnetron
PRF: 180, 360, and 480 Hz determined by selected range and mode STC: Present in all modes
TSO: C63c Class 7 (DO-173), DO-178B Environmental: Level C, DO-160C F2-AB[CLMY]XXXXFXA[BZ]AZZRZA3E4XX
Part Number: Description:
7021450-801 Radar Transceiver


- Radar Transceiver

NSN: 5985-01-521-8678

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