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Part #: IC-A110B24

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Commerical Base Station

Part Number :

  • Commercial Base Station, 110 volt
  • Powers the IC-A110 VHF air band transceiver
  • Includes hand mic
  • Transmitted messages and calls can be heard with standard air band headsets with the use of the OPC-871 headset adapter
  • 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Maintenance free EEPROM memory backup
  • VFO and priority and other scan functions
  • Limited number of keys for simple operation
  • 20 memory channels
  • 36 W (pep) of powerful output
  • Excellent durability to cope with tough workplaces
  • Memory channel-only operation possible via PC programming
Frequency Range: 118.000 - 136.975 MHz Channel spacing: 8.33 25 kHz
Mode:  6K00A3E (AM) Memory Channels: 20
Antenna connector: SO-239 (50Ω) Power supply requirement: 110 VAC (provides 12 VDC for transceiver)
Current drain (at 13.75 V DC): Transmitting: 5.0A max. Receiving: 4.0A (at AF max.) 0.5A (at stand-by) Operating Temp. Range: -30°C to +60°C; -22°F to +140°F
Frequency stability: ±5 ppm (-30°C to +60°C) Output power: 36 W typical. pep (9 W typical. for CW)
Modulation limiting: 70 - 100% (IC-A110)  Modulation compression: Linear 85% Max. 95%
AF harmonic distortion: Less than 10% (at max. mod.) Hum and Noise ratio: More than 40 dB
Spurious emissions: Less than -16 dBm Microphone connector: 8-pin modulator (600Ω)
Receiving system: Double conversion superheterodyne Intermediate frequency: 1st 38.85 MHz 2nd 450 kHz
Sensitivity (pd): Less than 1 µV (at 6 dB S/N) Squelch sensitivity(pd; at threshold): Less than 0.3 µV
Selectivity: 25 kHz Ch. Spacing: More than ±8 kHz (at -6 dB) Less than ±17 kHz (at -40 dB) Less than ±25 kHz (at -60 dB) 8.33 kHz Ch. Spacing: More than ±2.778 kHz (at -6 dB) Less than ±7.37 kHz (at -60 dB) Audio output power (at 13.75 V; 10% dist.; 60% mod.): Internal speaker: 1.5 W typical w/8Ω load External Speaker: More than 10.0 W w/8Ω load Headset (side tone): More than 0.1 W w/500Ω load
Spurious response: More than 74 dBµ AF output impedance: EXT SP: 8Ω Headset (side tone): 500Ω


EXT SP: 8Ω Headset (side tone): 500Ω
- Commerical Base Station
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