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Part #: 1503-24-EN


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Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table

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  • 1503-24-EN Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table is designed to provide precise position feedback via the optical encoder for the development and/or production testing of navigation sensor systems such as tilt sensors and turn and bank indicators 
  • System may be integrated with a customer-developed test station, and it may be used to test single or multiple test articles at any given time 
  • Users can obtain any position data by way of utilizing the digital display and manual brake on the 1503-24-EN
  • Manually operated
  • Optical encoders for precise feedback
  • Position Accuracy: ±1 arc minute
  • Position Repeatability: ± 30 arc sec
  • 24-inch table top
  • Digital display
  • Manual fine adjustment mechanism for locking table into position



Overall Table Dimensions (mm):  43.8 (1,113) wide x 28.2 (716) deep x 51.8 (1,316) high Approximate Table Weight, lbs (kg): 625 (283)
Axis Arrangement: Vertical Outer, Middle Orthogonal to Outer, Inner Orthogonal to Middle PayLoad Capacity, lbs (kg): 150 (68) Centered
Table Top Diameter (mm): 24 (610) Surface Flatness, inches: .005 inch TIR
Materia: Aluminum Hole Pattern, inches (mm): ¼ - 20 tapped holes on a 2 inch (50 mm) grid pattern
Surface Finish: 32 RMS Axis Brake and Adjustment:  Manual operation with fine adjustment Encoder/Position digital display
Height of Tabletop, inches (mm): 36 (914) nominal (Varies with adjustment of leveling feet) Power Requirement: Standard: 115V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A Optional: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.25 A
Size, inches (mm): 7.24 (184) high x 19 (483) wide x 17.95 (456) deep Leveling Range: ±1 Degree
Face panel size, inches (mm): 6.97 (177) high x 19 (483) wide Weight, lbs (kg): 35 (15.8)
Axis brake adjustment range, deg: Inner Axis Unlimited ± 0.5, Middle Axis ±0.5  ± 185 , Outer Axis ± 185  ± 0.5  Range, deg: Inner Axis (Unlimited) 0.000 to +359.999, Middle Axis -185.000 to +185.000, Outer Axis -185.000 to +185.000
Accuracy, arc min: Inner Axis (Unlimited) ± 1,  Middle Axis ± 1, Outer Axis ± 1 Resolution, deg: Inner Axis (Unlimited), Middle Axis 0.001, Outer Axis  0.001 0.001
Repeatability, arc sec: Inner Axis (Unlimited) ± 30, Middle Axis ± 30, Outer Axis ± 30 Axis Wobble, arc min: Inner Axis (Unlimited) ± 1.2, Middle Axis ± 1.2, Outer Axis ± 1.2
Orthogonality between consecutive axes, arc min: ± 1.2    
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1503-24-EN Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table 


- Three-Axis Manual Positioning Table
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