Part #: 3LO-453/3

Model: 3LO-453/3

Inertia Switch
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  • Model 3LO-453 series is a highly reliable latching inertia/impact switch used for various military and commercial aviation applications.
  • The specified g level is preset at the factory.
  • When predetermined g levels are exceeded by the aircraft
  • Able to automatically turn on or off certain systems such as: voice or data recording, emergency lighting, and fire control
  • The unique latching ability allows the switch contacts to maintain contact closure after the threshold g's recede
  • Designed to Open or Close
  • Can Carry AC or DC 
  • Qualified to Mil-STD-8-10
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Gold Contacts
  • Latching with Manual Reset
  • Multiple Poles Available
  • Single or Multi Axis
  • Crash detector
  • Cockpit voice recorder CVR cutoff
  • Flight data recorder FDR cutoff
  • Emergency lighting on
  • Fire supression
  • Power cessation
  • No power required



Contact type: SPST NC Contact rating: 5.0A @ 28 VDC / 125 VAC
Sensitivity: Unidrectional Contact Resistance: 500 Mohms@500VDC
CONTACT RESISTANCE: Less than 1.0 ohms Reset: Pushbutton
REST: Latching, mannual reset Operating Temp: -55 to 250F
seal: Hermetically Epoxy Sealed Termination: Terminals
accuracy: 10% dAMPING: Undamped




Serial # 123282
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Tag Date 08/24/20
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Serial # 123283
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Tag Date 08/24/20
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- Unidirectional Inertia/Impact Switch

NSN: 5930-01-308-2510

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