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Part #: SPC-10(PW)




Static Inverter

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  • Static inverted designed to power 115VAC 400Hz @ 250VA / 26 VAC 400Hz @ 150VA or the combination of max continuous power of 250VA for instrumentation, navigation, and electronic systems
  • Accepts 24-32 VDC input (normal range)
  • AC output isolated from DC input and from chassis ground
  • 26VAC output is tapped from 115VAC output transformer winding
  • Common AC return may be grounded
  • Internal trim pot provided to adjust 115/26 VAC outputs to +-10% simultaneously
  • 400Hz 115VAC resonant output transformer and PWM switching transistors on primary side in conjunction with feed choke are used to produce the power conversion
  • Control circuitry includes use of PWM integrated circuit for voltage regulation and overload current limit
  • Protection circuitry includes a low/high input voltage shutdown, low/high output frequency shutdown, output overvoltage limit, and output short circuit current limit
  • Fault monitor circuitry includes fault indication upon high/low input voltage, high/low output voltage and high/low output frequency conditions


Dimensions: 4.47"W x 3.51"H x 10.63"L Weight: 6.0 lbs.
TSO: C73 Environmental: DO-160A Env. Cat. D2BREWXXXXXBBAA
Input Voltage: 28VDC (rated) 24-32VDC (normal range) 18-36.4 (abnormal range) Input Current: 10.7 amps typical at 28VDC
Output Power: 250VA max from 115VAC output 150VA max from 26VAC output Efficiency: 82% minimum
Output Voltage: 115 VAC and / or 26 VAC Waveform: Sine wave and single phase
Frequency: 400 Hz ± 1% Power Factor: .8 lagging to .95 leading power factor
Altitude: 55,000 ft. Temperature: -65°F to +160°F (-55°C to +71°C)
Distortion: 3% typical at 28VDC input & unity pf load Overload: 150% output current for at least 5 minutes


- Static Inverter
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