Part #: SPS-306B-3

Model: SPS306B3

KGS - Static Inverter
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  • 60 Hz Static Inverter
  • Accepts 28VDC (19.8A) input and supplies 115 VAC at 375 VA output
  • Normally used as source of on-board AC power in aircraft that have 28 or 14 Volt DC electrical systems
  • Primary applications include for the operation of audio and video equipment, portable computers, stereo equipment systems and telecommunication equipment
  • May be paralleled for higher output capacity when greater power required
  • Remote on/off feature
  • TSO'D (C73)


Dimensions: 7.75"W x 4.00"H x 12.0"L Weight: 18.0 lbs.
Input Voltage: 28 VDC ± 2 volts. Withstands 88 vot transient for 1 millisecond. Input Current: 28 VDC 19.8A
Output Power: 375 VA Wave Form: Sine wave
Output Voltage: 115 VAC Phase: Single
Altitude: 55,000 ft. Temperature: -65°F to +160°F (-55°C to +71°C)


- Static Inverter
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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