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Kannad - Rod ELT Antenna (White)
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ANT 410
  • ELT Rod Antenna
  • White antenna with four bolt footprint as Chelton antennas, such as ELT10-214-2
  • 3-Frequency antenna with single connector
  • Designed for use on a slower moving aircraft up to speeds of 250 knots
  • Is FAA TSO qualified to C91 and C126 with the Litton 3-frequency system
  • Bolt pattern allows for ease of substitution
  • Manufactured by Dayton-Granger Inc


Frequency: 121.5, 243 & 406 MHz    VSWR: 2.0:1 @ 121.5 & 243 1.5:1 @ 406 Mhz
Impendance: 50 Ohms Polarization: Vertical
Radiation Pattern:  Omnidirectional Connector: BNC
Weight: 0.3 lbs Finish:  White Polyurethane
Height:  18.6" Construction:  Fiberglass rod Aluminum base
Speed Rating:  250 Knots Approvals:  FAA TSO C91a, C126 (pending)
Part NumberELT Antenna Description:
0145486 Kannad P/N - White Rod Antenna for use with 406 ELT
720063 Dayton-Granger (Manufacturer) P/N


- Rod ELT Antenna (White)
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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SARSAT is an acronym for "Search And Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking". The SARSAT system was developed as a joint effort by the USA, Canada, and France.