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Part #: 0124251

Model: ANT650




Blade Antenna (White)

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ANT-650 Manufactured by Chelton
  • ELT Blade Antenna
  • Transmits emergency signals on the 121.5, 243 and 406 MHz international frequencies
  • Designed for wide body commercial aircraft as well as general aviation
  • Low drag, inclined blade radome
  • Hermetically sealed
  • The leading edge of the radome is coated with anti-corrosion treatment highly resistant to sand and dust
  • Installed on AIRBUS A330 and A340
  • BNC Connector
  • Gloss white, polyurethane finish
  • DGAC/ED 14C (DO160C), ED62 certifications


Frequency Range: 121.5, 243 & 406 MHz Height:  9.84"
VSWR (relative to 50Ω):  ≤2:1  Operating Temp:  -55°C to +70°C 
Radiation Pattern:  Similar to quarter wave monopole Altitude:  70,000 ft
Polarization:  Vertical Power Handling: 10W CW
Lightning Protection:  DC grounded Weight: 1.322 lbs.
Part NumberBlade Antenna Description:
0124251 See Above


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The Programming Dongle (P/N S1820514-06) is a portable memory module that contains the identification information for an aircraft. This dongle usually remains on board the aircraft and allows for an unprogrammed ELT to quickly be programmed with the aircraft identification information. The dongle is programmed via PC interface by an Kannad authorized distributor or shop.

The PR600 Programming Adapter (P/N 1201570) is the computer interface adapter needed to program the ELT usually on a bench type setup. Authorized Kannad programming training is required to utilize the PR600 for programming ELTs.