Part #: S1820513-15

Model: RC800

Kannad - Remote Control Panel
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RC800 Remote Control Panel 


  • Specially designed for AIRBUS A380 aircraft
  • Compatible with the single aisle A318, A319, A320, A321, and the long range: A330, A340
  • This model is in Airbus colours and features a recessed switch
  • Grey-Blue front panel with white markings and backlight
  • Amber LED operates as the ELT LED
  • Chromaticity / Brightness: compliant with ABD0023
  • Internal buzzer warns the pilot of an activation
  • Output to drive an external annunciator or horn (up to 1A @ 28V)


WEIGHT:  225g DEPTH:  89 mm (behind front panel)
FRONT PLATE Dimensions: 146 x 38 mm    
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S1820513-15 RC800 Remote Control Panel



- Remote Control Panel
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