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Part #: 107-0001-01

Model: ESP-1


Kelly Mfg.


Emergency Power Unit

Part Number :

  • Emergency Standby Power (ESP)
  • Battery-based emergency unit designed for at least one hour of auxiliary power
  • Paired with the RCA2600 Digital Horizon, the ESP can provide up to 6 hours of backup power
  • Easy to Install - easily mounted behind the instrument panel
  • Complete with wire harness (typically 3 feet) and panel-mounted status light
  • Easy maintenance
  • Self charges during flight and does not drain the aircraft battery when power is off
  • Uses a long lasting lithium polymer battery
  • Compact design
  • Meets DO-160 Standard



Battery Power Unit:

Voltage In: 14 or 28VDC Voltage Out: 14 or 28VDC
Circuit Breaker Size:  28 Volt Load: 2 Amp; 14 Volt Load: 3 Amp Weight: 12.5 oz
Dimensions: 2.76" W x 1.165" H x 6.62" L Operating Temp: -30° to +50° C
Location: Inside cabin bulkhead    


Nominal Voltage: 14/28 VDC Battery Type: 7.4 VDC, 2300 mAh Li-PO Lithium Polymer

Illuminated Status Switch:

Light Source: 2 LED Lights Dimensions: 0.70" x 0.70"
Location: Panel Mounted Panel Hole: 5/8" Diameter


Rated Capacity: Mechanical Instrument, 60 Minutes Rated Capacity: Electronic Instrument, 6+ Hours
Maintenance: Replace battery every 3 years    


Min Performance Standard: FAA TSO-C179 Environmental Qualification: DO-160F


Part NumberESP Description:
ESP-1 See Details Above
Click Here to See Standard Wire Harness Compatibility


- Emergency Power Unit (ESP Battery Backup)
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