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  • The RCA1510 Series Digital Heading Indicator is the latest addition to RC Allen's digital instrument lineup 
  • Companion to the RCA2610 Digital Attitude Indicator
  • The RCA1510 is designed as a fully FAA Certified direct replacement for your mechanical Directional Gyro
  • It is totally self-contained and fits in a standard 3-inch panel cut-out
  • There are no special external connections other than power and an external GPS antenna
  • The Multi-Volt function allows installation in both 14 Volt and 28 Volt systems
  • The RCA1510 combines data from its own internal magnetometer and GPS receiver for a more stable and accurate heading reading which also eliminates the need to "cage" or "zero" the instrument
  • Because the RCA1510 has no mechanical gyroscope, it is much more accurate than traditional heading indicators
  • Unlike a mechanical gyroscopic unit, the RCA1510 is not affected by drifting or wandering
  • The unit is designed to work without GPS input if the GPS signal is lost
  • The highly visible screen has adjustable brightness controls
  • It has a traditional rotating dial display with digital numeric headings
  • The pilot can adjust the Heading Bug just like a mechanical instrument or use the Quick-Set Heading Bug; a double-push of the HDG knob sets the Bug to the current heading
  • Heading bug
  • Dual-processor performance
  • GPS input enhanced
  • 360-degree of pitch and roll
  • Multi-volt operation (9 to 32 volts)
  • Fits standard cutouts
  • Sharp anti-aliased display
  • Totally digital -- no moving parts
  • FAA Certified
  • 2-year limited warranty


operating voltage: 9 to 32VDDC operating temperature range: Temperature Range: -30º to +55º C
running current: (14VDC system) 0.20 AMPs MAX, (28VDC system) 0.18 AMPs MAX mating connector: MS3116E8-4S or equivalent
circuit breaker size: 1AMP dimensions:  
accuracy: 2 Degrees weight: 8 oz. Max
faa specification Conformance: TSO-C6e, TSO-C113a, DO-160G & DO-178B Level C    
- Digital Heading Indicator (3-Inch)
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- Digital Heading Indicator
Price Condition Status