Part #: 102-0074-01

Model: RCA22-13

Kelly Mfg. - Attitude Gyro
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RCA22 Series
  • 3 Inch Vacuum driven horizon gyro indicator
  • Moveable or fixed pointer
  • Panel tilt of 0 to 17 degrees
  • Will operate from Venturi tube or aircraft vacuum system
  • Lightweight at 2.9 lbs
  • FAA TSO C4c
  • Indicator displays available for specific aircraft
  • Lighted or non-lighted option
  • Power failure flag optional


Vacuum: Starting = 2" of Hg max; Operating = 4-6" Hg Air Consumption: 1.2 cu. ft/min
Altitude: Up to 40000 ft. Dimensions: 3.375"H x 3.375"W x 4.70"L
Bank Indication: 360 degree unlimited Pitch Indicator: +- 85 degree minimum
Part Number Horizon Gyro Description:
RCA22-7 Standard unit, specify panel tilt
RCA22-7F Standard unit, specify panel tilt, power failure flag
RCA22-8 Standard unit, 6 degree panel tilt
RCA22-11 Standard unit, specify panel tilt, with lighting- specify voltage
RCA22-11F Same as -11 with power failure flag
RCA22-13 Standard Cessna unit with blue/black display
RCA22-15 Standard Piper unit with blue/black display
RCA22-17 Standard Cessna unit with blue/black display & marked "Air"
RCA22-24 Standard Aerospatiale Cessna unit with 14 volt lighting & 6 degree tilt


- Attitude Gyro
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