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Model: RCA2610-3-G


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  • The RCA2610 is totally self-contained and has no mechanical gyro or special external connections
  • The three-inch RCA2610-3 also comes with an optional Internal Battery Backup
  • The standard Pitch Sync feature allows pilots to instantly synchronize the airplane symbol to the horizon line when flying in a pitch up or pitch down attitude
  • We also offer the RCA2610-G which comes without the Pitch-Sync feature
  • The symbolic airplane is not adjustable
  • Both versions are available in 3-inch and 2-inch sizes and are designed as a direct replacement for your Electric Attitude Gyro 
  • All models come with an NVIS Night Vision filter option
  • The screens are highly visible and have adjustable brightness controls
  • Performance characteristics include full 360 degrees of roll and pitch with a settling error of 1 degree maximum
  • With no moving parts RCA2610 will have a longer lifespan than traditional gyroscopic instruments
  • New Digital Slip Indicator
  • New Digital Rate of Turn Indicator
  • Internal Battery Backup
  • Pitch Sync feature
  • 360 degrees of pitch and roll
  • Multi-volt operation (9 to 32 VDC)
  • Bright, adjustable LCD Display
  • NVIS Night Vision Option
  • Fits standard 2” or 3” panel cutout
  • Totally digital operation (no moving parts)
  • Black anodized bezel
  • Fully FAA Certified
  • Attitude Indicator with Digital Slip Indicator and Digital Rate of Turn Indicator
  • Attitude Indicator with Digital Slip Indicator only
  • Attitude Indicator only with optional Mechanical Slip Indicator (P/N 444-0010-01)
  • New Internal Battery Backup option for All 3-Inch configurations


weight: 6.75 oz. height: 3.37 in. max
length: 1.22 in. max width: 3.37 in. max
connector pin-out: A: GROUND B: + POWER IN C: SPARE D: SPARE mating connector: (MS3116E8-4S) & panel screws included
certifications: TSO-C4c, TSO-C113a, DO-160G, and DO178B Level C TSO-C3e operating voltage: 9 to 32 VDC
current draw: 0.20 A max circuit breaker: 1 A
Part Number  Description:     
102-0403-11-03 Digital  Slip Indicator & Rate of Turn 3" (No Pitch Sync) 
102-0403-11-11 Digital Slip Indicator & Rate of Turn 3" (w/ Battery/ No Pitch Sync)


- Digital Slip, Rate of Turn Ind (3" w/o Pitch Sync)
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- Digital Slip, RoT Ind (3" w/o Pitch Sync, w/ Batt)
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