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Part #: 102-0089-05

Model: RCA26EK-12


Kelly Mfg.


Electric Attitude Indicator (12-30 VDC)

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  • Gyroscopic Attitude Indicator
  • Designed as a direct replacement for the RCA26AK (14 volt) and the RCA26BK (28 volt)
  • Can be installed on virtually any aircraft regardless of its power system
  • Multi-Volt Operation (11 to 30 VDC)
  • Multi-Volt integrated lighting
  • Fits standard 3" cutout
  • Bold color display
  • Power failure flag
  • Roll indication of 360°, Pitch ±30° Pitch trim range ±7°
  • Optional fixed or moveable pointer (see table below)
  • Optional lighted or non-lighted version (see table below)
  • Optional orange or yellow airplane and pointer (see table below)
  • Optional Slip Indicator (P/N 444-0011-01) available which satisfies FAA AC 91-75
  • Mating Connector (MS3116E8-4S) & screws included (when sold new)
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of TSO-C4c and AS396B
  • NOTE: Panel tilt angle is set at the factory and must be specified at time of order


Operating Voltage: 11 to 30 VDC  Starting Current: 2.40 AMPs MAX (14VDC system) 1.40 AMPs MAX (28 VDC system) 
Running Current: 1.24 AMPs MAX (14 VDC system) 0.62 AMPs MAX (28 VDC system)  Circuit Breaker Size: 3 AMP (14 VDC system) 2 AMP (28 VDC system) 
Temperature: -30° to +50° C  Dimensions: 8.14"L x 3.38"W x 3.38"H 
Power Consumption: 17VA max. lighting 3VA max Power Flag Actuation Range: Flag up @ 11 VDC ± 0.5 VDC Flag down @ 10 VDC ±0.5 VDC
Weight:  2.3 lbs  Connector Pin-out: A: Ground Motor B: Spare C: +12-30 VDC D: Spare
Part Number Attitude Indicator Description:
RCA26EK-6 Fixed pointer, unlighted, orange airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-7 Fixed pointer, lighted, orange airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-8 Movable pointer, unlighted, orange airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-9 Movable pointer, lighted, orange airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-11 Fixed pointer, unlighted, yellow airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-12 Fixed pointer, lighted, yellow airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-13 Movable pointer, unlighted, yellow airplane and pointer
RCA26EK-14 Movable pointer, lighted, yellow airplane and pointer


- Electric Attitude Indicator (12-30 VDC)
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When an order is placed for an attitude gyro, it is important that the following information be given:
  • Instrument model number
  • Aircraft voltage (14VAC or 28VAC)
  • Panel tilt angle
  • Lighted or unlighted #lighting voltage)
  • Fixed or movable pointer
  • Optional slip indicator

Note: There is an extra charge to reset the tilt angle after purchase.
Panel tilt refers to the tilt angle of an aircraft's panel. The tilt angle is any deviation from the vertical axis of the control panel in level flight. When ordering an attitude gyro indicator, it is very important to know the tilt angle of the aircraft panel. Check your aircraft equipment manual or inspect the labeling on the side of your gyroscope. Installing the incorrect angle will cause the horizon to show a climb or a dive.
If panel tilt is not known, the manufacturer of the aircraft should be able to provide that information. An attitude gyro indicator can be calibrated for a panel tilt from 0-14 degrees and should be specified when ordering. A label is attached to the gyro to indicate the tilt calibration of each unit. If a newly installed attitude gyro settles more than ± 1½ degrees pitch above or below where the expected horizon should be, then panel tilt or aircraft trimming issues should be suspected.

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