Part #: 1619381-1

Model: KPL124

Kuerzi Avionics - Multi-Output Converter
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  • Three converters in one unit
  • Transforms power from a wide input voltage range of 10VDC - 48VDC
  • Selectable output voltage which is pin programmable to 5VDC, 14VDC, 28VDC
  • Electronic output current limitation is selectable by placing a module
  • Power input is protected by an internal 30A fuse
  • Selectable output limitation from 5A - 40A
  • Combination of maximum output power and minimum input voltage will always be set so that the input current stays below the fuse value
  • Light weight of 0.6 kg
  • Efficiency up to 93%
  • Meets aviation standards and requirements, delivered with an EASA Form 1
  • Certification data will be delivered upon request
Size: 84.2 mm W x 44.4 mm H x 211 mm L Weight: 0.60 Kg / 0.62 Kg with installation materials
Emission of radio frequency energy: DO-160G Section 21 Cat. M, H, P, Q Fire, Flammability: Proven avionics material in metallic casing
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1619381-1 DC DC Converter


- Multi-Output Converter
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