Model: MAG-500

L3 Technologies - Magnetometer
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  • Magnetometer
  • Low cost & compact
  • Suggested add-on option for the ESI-500  Electronic Standby Instrument System
weight: 0.35 lbs power requirements: +5VDC. 0.3 Watts
chassis ground: Bonding impedance between aircraft ground and the MAG-500 Chassis must be less than 2.5 milliohms. Operating Temp: -55° to +70°C
Max Altitude: 55,000 ft Connector Type: Main Connector: TE/AMP 1-206062-6 and TE/AMP 205841-2 two piece connector or equivalent connector with pins.
Mating Connector: TE/AMP 205838-1, or Avionics Systems P/N 3010-10433-01, or equivalent.
data input/output: RS-485 interface service life: Shall have unlimited service life.
repairability: Performed at the factory. TSO: C201
Part Number magnetometer Description:
9200-15500-0101 As described above

- Magnetometer
Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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