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Model: WX-1000/SKY497

L3Harris - Stormscope/Traffic Display (Black)
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  • Three piece stormscope system including separate processor, display, and antenna
  • Operation in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nmi ranges
  • Display of airspace in 120° (forward) and 360° (surrounding) views
  • Acquires & stores lightning data in all ranges simultaneously
  • Clear function to help determine storm severity
  • Automatic and pilot initiated self-test programs
  • Self diagnostics with error messages
  • Can display up to six programmable checklists
  • Real-time digital clock display for time, day & date
  • Stopwatch timer and elapsed time counter functions
  • Display of flight plan courselines and waypoints
  • Heading-stabilized display of courseline to waypoint
  • Visual display of course deviation indicator (CDI)
  • Six user-selectable displays of digital navigation data
  • Warnings of weak or missing Loran/GPS signals
  • Fail-safe Stormscope® operation when Loran/GPS is faulty
  • Similar to WX-1000 but contains heading stabilization & navaid option
  • Similar to WX-1000+ but contains navaid option for GPS/Loran display

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Temperature Range: -55 to +55C Altitude: 55000 ft. max
Weight: 6.5 lbs. Size: 3.38"H x 4.88"W x 12.62"L
Power Requirements: 10.5-32VDC, 28w TSO: C110a


Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Altitude: 55000 ft. max
Weight: 2.3 lbs. Size: 3.37"H x 3.37"W x 8.24"L


Temperature Range: -55 to +55C Altitude: 55000 ft. max
Weight: 1.9 lbs. Size: 1.13"H x 4.49"W x 10.06"L
Part Number Stormscope Description:
78-8060-5940-4 System Part Number with RS232/RS422 Navaid
78-8060-5941-2 Processor Part Number
78-8060-5900-8 Display Part # with black bezel
78-8060-5900-9 Display Part # with gray bezel
78-8051-9200-8 Antenna Part # with white finish
78-8051-9200-6 Antenna Part # with black finish
78-8051-9206-5 Antenna Doubler Plate
78-8051-9208-7 Antenna Gasket
78-8060-5755-6 Hardware Package
78-8051-9180-2 Processor Tray


- Stormscope/Traffic Display (Black)
Price Condition Delivery
$11,000.00 NEW OUTRIGHT

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

- Stormscope/Traffic Display (Gray)
Price Condition Delivery
$11,000.00 NEW OUTRIGHT

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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Southeast Aerospace exchanges are based on the return of an undamaged, economically repairable core unit with identical part number as the unit shipped to the customer. An "economically repairable" core is defined as one where the cost to repair/overhaul (or Repair Cap) does not exceed 80% of the original SV/OH exchange price billed. Should the Repair Cap exceed 80%, the customer will be billed the additional amount. In the event this amount exceeds the Outright Price for the unit, the customer would only be billed the difference between the Outright Price and SV/OH Exchange Price with the core returned as-is to the customer.

Here is an example of such a transaction:

$1000 Exchange Price charged to customer
$1000 x .8 = $800 Maximum Allowable core repair charge or Repair Cap

$2000 Cost to repair core unit
- $800 Less Core repair cap
$1200 Additional billing amount.

2200.00 Total Cost of transaction

Please Note:
SEA offers exchange on new items as well. However, repair cap as indicated above is still based on SV/OH exchange price.