Part #: 501-1568-09

Model: AI-330J

L3Harris - Attitude Indicator
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  • Self-Contained 3" Attitude Indicator
  • Direct mechanical linkage eliminates electrical servo response lag
  • 28 VDC operation (18 to 30 VDC)
  • ARINC 408A 3ATI clamp mount (flange mount available)
  • Self-contained lateral and fore/aft acceleration compensation
  • Blue/white internal lighting
  • Design compatibility with EFIS displays
  • Power Off warning flag
  • TSO C4c


Dimensions: 11.220"L X 3.275"H x 3.275"W (Models B, BJ) 10.735"L x 3.260"H x 3.000"W (Models E, H, N, P, AA, AK) 10.845"L x 3.395"H x 3.935"W (Models R, S) 10.835"L x 3.395"H x 3.395"W (Models T, V, BE) 10.845"L x 3.420"H x 3.420"W (Model AU) 10.735"L x 3.530"H x 3.530"W (Model AH) 10.750"L x 3.275"H x 3.275"W (Models A, C, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, U, W, X, Y,AB, AC, AD, AE, AG, AL, AP, AR, AS, AT, AW, AY, AZ, BA, BB, BH, BK, BL, BM) (Length includes connector J1 and caging knob in caged position) Weight: 3.5 lbs. maximum
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- Attitude Indicator
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