Part #: DM N9-9

Model: DMN9-9

L3Harris - VOR/LOC/GS Radome Antenna
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DM N9-9
  • Localizer/VOR/Glide Slope Antenna
  • Dual band design for both Localizer/VOR and Glide Slope systems
  • Designed to be installed within the nose radomes on high performance aircraft
  • Balanced bent-back dipole which renders it immune to the nose radar motion
  • Incorporates common radiating elements into a single monolithic structure for mounting either on a bulkhead within a radome or to the radome directly
  • Radiating elements attached to a single curced dielectric window to provide support
  • In some cases, reinforching ribs provide structural rigidity and mounting adaptability to the bulkhead for mechanical attachment and electrical grounding to the airframe
  • Localizer output may be utilized for forward -looking VOR as well
  • Military Spec: MIL-E-5400


Frequency Range: 108-118 MHz (Localizer/VOR) 328.6-335.4 MHz (Glide Slope) VSWR: < 5.0:1 (immune to de-tuning from radar motion)
Radiation Pattern: Single broad lobe forward of aircraft Polarization: Horizontal
Mounting: On inner surface of nose radome or bulkhead within radome Weight: < 2.0 lbs
Connectors: 5.5 lbs Dimensions 10.0" H x 25.0" L

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Part Number Localizer/VOR/Glide Slope Antenna Description:
DM N9-9 see details above


DM N9-9
- VOR/LOC/GS Radome Antenna
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