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Electronic Standby Indicator

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Trilogy ESI-1000


  • Electronic Standby Instrument
  • Dependable back-up for Attitude, Altitude, Airspeed & optional heading information (heading information when coupled with optional magnetron)
  • Panel-Mount, Solid-State, Compact 3 ATI design - easy to read 3.7" display
  • 1st solid-state integrated standby system created for Part 23 aircraft
  • Increased reliability over electro-mechanical gyros
  • Saves weight & panel space
  • Reduces scan time reading multiple instruments
  • Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) with a flicker-free resolution of ¼ VGA
  • Bezel-mounted light sensor provides automatic dimming with manual offset control
  • TSO & AML-STC Approved
  • Available in Black or Gray
  • Requires 28VDC input, does not have battery backup




Bezel: 4" x 3" Chassis: 3-ATI Opening 6.17" Deep

Weight: 2.75 Lbs
Power: +28 VDC nominal, 10 Watts max; +14 VDC (w/external converter) Environmental: DO-160F
Hardware: DO-254, Level C Software: DO-178B, Level B
Altitude Performance: -1500 feet to +55000 feet Airspeed Performance:  0 to 400 knots
Certification: TSO-C2d, TSO-C4c, TSO-C6d, TSO-C10b, TSO-C113, TSO-C106    
Part Number: Description:
9200-32000-0101 Electronic Standby Indicator
9200-32000-0301 Electronic Standby Indicator
9200-32000-0401 Electronic Standby Indicator
9200-32000-0701 Electronic Standby Indicator
9200-32100-0101 Electronic Standby Indicator


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As of November 2009, the ESI-1000 does not have a battery backup feature and requires 28VDC input.