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Part #: 9200-34400-0401

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  • The GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) represents the next-generation of standby instrument technologies
  • Capabilities for mid- to large cabin business turboprops and jets and helicopters, as well as air transport category aircraft
  • Along with being a full-function standby ADI, the GH-3900 offers pilots an unmatched array of configuration options
  • Customizable colors and visual flight cues, as well as displayed information tailored to Part 23 (Class III & IV), 25, 27 and 29 aircraft and helicopters
  • GH-3900 offers pilots and installers a variety of configuration options to meet the needs and preferences of almost any cockpit environment
  • Designed with Level A hardware and software standards, the unit allows the installer to define and configure I/O interfaces
  • Static Source Error Correction (SSEC) and Velocity Maximum Operations (VMO) values, as well as the pilot’s preferred presentation of altitude, attitude, airspeed, heading and navigation data
  • Can be programmed to provide numerous display options. Once defined, colors and visual flight cues are stored in the aircraft’s wiring, eliminating the need for a separate configuration module
  • The instrument’s Menu button makes changing, adding or deleting display features push-button easy. Interfaces with other avionics are simply managed through the GH-3900’s Configuration Module Tool software
  • GH-900 unit is a full 1.5 inches shorter than prior GH-Series models. In addition the system’s Configuration Module has been designed into the wiring harness, which itself features a more compact connector



chasSIS sIZE: Length: 8.33 inches (212 mm), Width: 3.19 inches (81 mm), Height: 3.19 inches (81 mm) FUll sIZE: Length: 9.63 inches (245 mm), Width: 3.28 inches (83mm), Height: 3.28 inches (83mm)
weight: 3.0 lb. max (1.36 kg) Power dual: 28 VDC inputs (VDC emergency power)
interfaces: ARINC 429, RS-422, RS-232, discrete and analog NaVIGATION: VOR/ILS, DME, FM/GPS, TACAN, ARINC710 ILS
CERTIFICATIONS: TSO: C2d, C3e, C4c, C6e, C8e, C10b, C34e, C35d, C36e, C40c, C46a, C66c, C95a, C106, C113, C115b, ETSO: C2d, C3d, C4c, C6e, C8e, C10b, C46a, C95a, C106, C113, C115b, 2C34f, 2C35d, 2C36f, 2C40c, 2C66b    
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9200-34000-0101 Electronic Standby Instrument System  
9200-34100-0101 Electronic Standby Instrument System
9200-34400-0401 Electronic Standby Instrument System


- Electronic Standby Indicator
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