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Part #: 501-1826-01

Model: MAG-3000





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  • The MAG-3000 is a self-contained three-axis magnetometer that mounts directly to the aircraft frame and provides a three component measurement of the earth's magnetic field
  • Information is sent via a RS-422 serial bus to a reference system that computes the magnetic heading of the aircraft
  • A Power-On Self-Test Mode will begin operation as soon as aircraft power is applied to the magnetometer followed by Normal Operational Mode
  • The self-test requires less than 5 seconds to complete and will monitor for faults in power supplies, internal communications and out of tolerance conditions



OPERATING Temperature: 55° to +70°C (-67 to +158°F) MAXIMUM Altitude: 55,000 ft
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -55° to +85°C (-67° to +185°F) CONNECTOR TYPE: P1 (p/n JT06RT-10-35P(SR)) mates with JT01RE-10-35S (SR) Straight Strain Relief or JT07RE-10-35S (SR) or equivalent
Weight: Not to exceed 0.5 pounds (0.23 kg) Size: Diameter: 2.30 inches [5.84 cm] approximately Height: 2.12 inches [5.38 cm] Diameter Mounting Lip: 2.38 inches [6.05 cm]
Power Requirements: 1.5 watts maximum operating power at + 28.0 Vdc. During poweron tests the maximum power shall not exceed 2.5 watts CIRCUIT BREAKER: 1.0A recommended
CHASSIS GROUND: Bonding impedance between MAG-3000 Case (cylindrical cup) and the MAG-3000 Aircraft Mounting Bracket (bracket tied to airframe ground) must be less than 2.5 milliohms. Note: Refer to AC43.13 for bonding and grounding consideration RTCA COMPLIANCE: Environmental Category: DO-160D Software Category: DO-178B, Level B
OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS: Output Accuracy: ± 0.0043 gauss Full Scale: ± 1 gauss Resolution: 0.0012207 gauss DATA INPUT/OUTPUT: The RS-422 interface operates at 9600 baud, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 odd parity bit, 1 stop bit and 10-byte max. Message Length. Conforms to the GAMA CSDB standard, except for output address byte, data byte and check sum definitions
SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: No scheduled maintenance interval applicable REPAIRBILITY: Repairs will be performed at the factory
sERVICE LIFE: The Magnetometer has unlimited service life CERTIFICATION: USA (FAA) TSO-C6d Europe (EASA) ETSO-C6e (501-1826-01, -03, -04, and -08 part numbers only)
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501-1826-01 MAG-3000 Magnetometer 
501-1826-02 MAG-3000 Magnetometer


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NSN: 6695-01-522-5014

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