Part #: 9009000-55000

Model: NXG-900

L3Harris - Remote Mount WAAS GPS
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  • WAAS/S-BAS Compliant GPS Source
  • Rule Compliant Position Source
  • 978 MHz UAT, ADS-B In providing Weather (FIS-B)
  • 2 Year OEM Warranty
  • GPS solution designed exclusively for the NXT family of transponders
  • Utilizes signals from GPS satellite constellation and S-BAS such as USA WAAS, European EGNOS, Indian GAGAN, and Japanese MSAS
  • Supports WAAS & WAAS compatible S-BAS systems to produce an ARINC 734A based output for the NXT series transponders
  • This GPS function provides position, velocity, time & integrity and is ADS-B rule compliant
  • Meets the position source requirements of AC 20-138D and AC 20-165B
  • Certified for TSO-C145c, TSO-C154c and TSO-C157a

NXT-700 & NXG-900 AML STC Available on the following aircraft:

  • Beechcraft Hawker 125-400A/700A, Bae 125 series 800A/800B
  • Beechcraft Hawker 800/800XP
  • Boeing DC-9-15
  • Bombardier CL-600/601/604, DHC-7-1/100/101/102/103, DHC-8-100/200/300
  • Bombardier Learjet 25/25(A-D, F), 31/31A, 35/35A, 36/36A, 55
  • Dassault Aviation Falcon 10, 20, 50, 200, 900, 900EX
  • Fokker F28 Mark 1000
  • Gulfstream G-II, G-IIB, G-III, G-IV, 1125 Westwind Astra
  • IAI 1124, 1124A
  • Saab 340A
  • Sabreliner Aviation NA-265-40/60/65
  • Textron Citation 550, S550, 560, 650
Part Number GPS:
9009-000-55000 WAAS/S-BAS Compliant GPS Source


- Remote Mount WAAS GPS
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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