Part #: 501-1682-02

Model: PS-834B

L3Harris - Power Supply, 1.0 AMP, 5 VDC Output
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  • Emergency Power Supply Unit for JET electro-mechanical standby indicators, solid state indicators and other applications requiring a stable source of emergency DC power
  • Built-in charging system automatically charges the cells to peak levels whenever 28 VDC is applied
  • Automatic operation upon 28 VDC essential bus failure
  • Automatic battery heaters with redundant control
  • Automatic shutdown at end of discharge to extend battery service life
  • Temperature compensated battery charger
  • Low maintenance lead acid batteries
Dimensions: 4.170"H x 9.300"L x 4.680"W Weight: 5.8 lbs. max
Input Power: 28 VDC 6.0 Amps max output voltage: 27.5 VDC
heater current: With 28 VDC applied, the current is 2.9 ± 0.2 Amps Battery output voltage: 24 VDC (Failed bus)  5 VDC (Fixed) 5 VDC (Variable)
environmental qualification: DO-160C,Categories: [A2F2]-BBCXXXXXXABABAUAKXX capacity: Will power a solid state indicator (like GH-3000) for a minimum of 1.5 hours
recharge rate: 50% of full capacity within 1 hour at 25°C (Maintained at full charge during normal flight conditions) Service Life: Unrestricted Service Life
Part Number Power supply Description:
501-1682-01 PS-834A, 0.5 AMP
501-1682-02 PS-834B, 1.0 AMP


- Power Supply, 1.0 AMP, 5 VDC Output
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