Part #: 501-1719-02

Model: PS-850B




Power Supply, 5.0 AMP

Part Number :
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  • Emergency Power Supply Unit
  • Provides emergency power to self-contained attitude gyros and other emergency equipment in the event of total aircraft power failure
  • Automatic operation upon 28 VDC essential bus failure
  • Temperature compensated battery capacity test
  • Capacity test performed under load
  • Test performed remotely from the cockpit or at the unit
  • Automatic battery heaters with redundant control for safety
  • Heaters inhibited during low input voltage to prevent battery discharge
  • Internal load removed automatically after 5-second capacity test
  • Battery short circuit protected
  • Low maintenance lead acid batteries
Dimensions: 7.820"H x 14.085"L x 2.400"W Weight: 13.4 lbs. max
Input Power: 28 VDC 15 Amps max output voltage: 24 to 28 VDC
heater voltage/current: 28 VDC 3.85/± 0.6 Amps max Battery output voltage: Steady State Load: 10 Amp Max Overload Capability: 15 Amps max for 5 min. Overload Protection: 25 Amp max w/internal circuit breaker
environmental qualification: DO-160C,Categories: [A2F2]-BB(C)E1XXXXSABABAWA[XXC3]XX amps/hour: 5.0 Amps/Hour
TSO: None Service Life: Unrestricted Service Life
Part Number Power supply Description:
501-1719-01 PS-850A, 2.5 AMP
501-1719-02 PS-850B, 5.0 AMP


- Power Supply, 5.0 AMP
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According to L3 Service Letter SL-170 (Rev. K), the condition of the batteries is required to be checked every 3 to 6 months according to the Periodic Check procedure outlined in the bulletin. The Periodic Check procedure is similar to the "Preflight Check" that is recommended before aircraft flight.