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Part #: 805-10950-001

Model: WX-950




Stormscope Display/Processor

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  • Compact stormscope system with CRT type display and flexible display features
  • Combined processor/display unit with external antenna
  • Operation in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nmi ranges
  • Pilot selectable strike and cell modes
  • Display of airspace in 120° (forward) and 360° (surrounding) views
  • Automatic heading stabilization
  • Clear function to help determine storm intensity and movement
  • Acquires & stores lightning data in all ranges simultaneously
  • Clear function to help determine storm severity
  • Discharge rate indicator
  • Integrity indicator
  • Power/brightness control knob
  • Indicator mounts in standard 3" inch hole (no tray needed) with 25 pin D-sub connector
  • Fully TSO'd
  • Four software defined buttons
  • High resolution 3" ATI - size CRT display
  • Similar to WX-900 but has CRT display, longer range, and different display options


Temperature Range: -20-55C (display/processor) -55 to 70C (antenna) Altitude: 35000 ft. max (display/processor) 55000 ft. max (antenna)
Weight: 2.9 lbs. (display/processor) 0.84 lb. (antenna) Size: 3.37"W x 3.37"H x 11.33"L (display/processor) 1.00"H x 3.45"W x 6.85"L (antenna)
Power Requirements: 11-32VDC input Display Range: 25,50,100,200 nmi
Part Number Stormscope Description:
830-10950-001 System Part # with black bezel and white antenna
830-10950-002 System Part # with gray bezel and white antenna
830-10950-003 System Part # with gray bezel and white antenna
830-10950-004 System Part # with gray bezel and black antenna


- Stormscope Display/Processor
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