Part #: 145130-7010

Model: LCR-100

LITEF - AHRS Processor
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  • LCR-100 is comprised of a triple axis FOG-Instrument Measuring Unit (IMU) gyro and a triad MEMS accelerometer
  • Can be augmented with GNSS data to provide hybrid navigational outputs
  • Operates from a standard single 28 volt DC power source
  • System also incorporates extensive BITE and self-test circuitry which provides a go/no go annunciator
  • Low 26 watt power consumption,  based on the power consumption of the basic digital version of this unit
  • The rated MTBF of the LCR-100 with no forced cooling exceeds 15,000 hours



DIMESIONS: AHRU, 278 x 102 x 128 mm VOLUME: AHRU 3.6 l
WEIGHT: AHRU, 2.7 kg POWER: Primary 28 V DC (nominal),  Auxiliary 28 V DC, Load 26 W
MTBF: AHRU,  > 15,000 hours Mag Heading: 2 deg
True Heading: 1 deg, hybrid 0.5 deg Attitude: Static (straight & level) 0.1 deg Dynamic 0.2 deg
Alignment Time: 3 to 10 min Flight Path Angle: With GNSS 0.5 deg
Drift Angle: With GNSS 1.0 deg Position: hybrid GNSS acuracy, Free inertial < 12 nm/hr.
Velocity: With GNSS 0.5 kts Inertial Vertical Speed: 30 ft/min
Angular Rates: 0.02 deg/s or 0.5% Acceleration: 5 mg or 0.5%
Acceleration Range: ± 10 g INTERFACES: ARINC-429, Synchro, RS-232/422 (Test), Discretes, Magnetic Sensor Interface
CERTIFICATIONS: TSO/ETSO: C3d, C4c, C5e, C5f, C6d, Software Certification DO-178 B Level A, Hardware Certification DO-254 Level A, DO-160 E    
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145130-7010 AHRS Processor


- AHRS w/Synchro IF 200mV/deg AC
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