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Part #: SDI3G421






Serial Digital Interface Splitter

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  • Ideal for distributing any digital Serial Digital Interface signal to multiple destinations
  • Supports all standard SMPTE formats ranging from SD, HD and 3G
  • Lightweight and ruggedized, designed for airborne and vehicle environments
  • Especially designed for harsh environments
  • Consumes a fraction of the energy compared to typical consumer and broad-cast units
  • Draws a maximum of 41 milliamps at 28 voltsC
  • Can be powered by any DC power source ranging from 8 volts all the way up to 70 volts
  • Can be used in either 14.5 or 28 volt vehicle or aircraft applications without modification
  • Suitable for 48 volt telecom applications
  • Meets DO-160 80 volt surge (load dump test)
  • Able to withstand 600V spike per DO-160
  • Very low additional noise suppression circuitry for compliance with DO-160 and MIL standards
  • COTS units are only designed to pass FCC standards
  • Input has extended reach cable equalization circuit that allows operation up to 200m at 3GHz, up to 400m at 270 MHz (SD)
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty




    DIMENSIONS: 5.035" x 2.150" x 0.950" wEIGHT: TBD
    SDI VIDEO INPUT: Switchable Between SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI sdi video output: (4) Outputs Automatically Match the SDI Video Input
    multi rate support: Auto Detection of HD or Standard Definition Inputs re-clocking: Yes
    operating temerature: -40°C to 85°C or -40°F to 185°F STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -60°C to 150°C or -76°F to 302°F
    SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 8V to 70V DC POWER SURGE: Up To 80V per DO-160 and 600V Spike per DO-160
    POWER CONSUMPTION: 91mA @ 12V (1.09W), 41mA @ 28V (1.14W), 26mA @ v8V (1.26W) ESD W/ CONNECTORS ON: 15kV HBM
    ESD CONNECTORS OFF: 6kV HBM, 300V MM, 2kV CDM ENCLOSURE: Powder Coated 5052 Aircraft Aluminum
Part Number: Description:
sdi3g421 Serial Digital Interface Splitter


Serial # 391042
Condition NEW
Mods None
Tag Date 12/28/21
Shop Macro-Blue Inc.
Warranty 1 Year
- Serial Digital Interface Splitter

NSN: 5836-01-681-7221

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