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Part #: MD200-706

Model: MD200-706

Mid Continent Cont. - 3-inch, L/R, Glideslope with annunciators
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  • Course Deviation Indicator designed to operate with VHF and GPS navigational equipment to provide OMNI (VOR), GPS, Localizer (VLOC), and Glideslope (GS) information
  • Designed to accept DC signals for Left/Right and Up/Down pointer deviation and Valid/Invalid (“flag”) status from a remote mounted VOR converter
  • Provides annunciations for NAV, VLOC, and GPS indication of the incoming source or mode and a TO or FR (from) annunciation to indicate direction of the ground signal or course waypoint from the aircraft
  • Receives inputs from compatible GPS/Navigation receivers or Flight Management Systems to provide a visual presentation to the pilot
  • Can be brightened or dimmed with an external lighting bus voltage for 5, 14 or 28V systems
  • Uses white LED unit lighting to illuminate the dial and pointers
  • High-quality d-sub connectors included with gold-plated pins
  • FAA TSO and ETSO certified for use with all GPS and VOR systems
  • Compatible with WAAS GPS receivers
  • Pin-for-pin replacement for all legacy MD200 models
Dimensions : (without connectors, mates & knob) Bezel: 3-1/8” diameter, Chassis: 3.25” x 3.25” x 4.75” (HxWxD) Weight: MD200-706: 1.3 pounds (0.59 kg)
INPUT voltage: 12-32 VDC input current: 0.2 amps (maximum)
unit lighting input: 5, 14, or 28VDC Annunciator Lighting: Automatic dimming control via internal photocell (adjustable)
OBS Resolver : Electrical zero: 300° ±1° ORZ mounting: Rear mount
Pointer Deviation: Input impedance: 1k ±10%, Deflection sensitivity: 150mV ±10% full scale deflection Valid Signal: Input impedance: 1k ±10%, Valid sensitivity: 260 mV ±10% to display pointers
To/From Indicator: Input impedance: 200 ±10% , Annunciator sensitivity: 40mV ±15%   Course Datum Output: Standard ARINC X, Y, Z; 11.8VRMS (400 Hz)
mating connector: 3-pin AN type female (MS3106A14S–7S with MS3057–6A) Cover Glass: HEA (anti-reflective) coated per MIL-C-14806
Mating Connectors: 25-pin D-Sub, MCIA p/n 7014517,  9-pin D-Sub, MCIA p/n 8017287 (-707 only) Lighting: Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Qualification: FAA TSO-C34e, C36e, C40c EASA ETSO C34e, C36e, 2C40c Environmental Qualification: RTCA DO-160B/G
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Md200-706 3-Inch, L/R, Glideslope with Annunciators 


- Course Deviation Indicator
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