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Part #: 36027-1

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Front Mount Adapter (1/2")

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4300 Series Electric Attitude Indicator
  • Provides up to one hour of emergency attitude reference in the event of aircraft power failure
  • Custom versions available to match existing instrument/EFIS displays
  • Lifesaver® self-contained battery backup features:   - Built-in annunciation   - Internal emergency lighting
  • Alternative to vacuum systems
  • Single connector installation for primary and optional standby battery models
  • 7,500 hours MTBF - high-stability tungsten rotor operates at lower rotational speed, extending bearing life
  • Use as a primary or standby artificial horizon in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters
  • 10-32 volt DC operation for use in either 14 or 28 volt aircraft
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Field replaceable lighting
  • Approved to FAA TSO-C4c and RTCA/DO-160D certified

MTBF: 7,500 hours Certification: FAA TSO-C4c, RTCA/DO-160D
Power Input: 10-32VDC: 1400mA start, 600mA max, running at 14VDC input 700mA start, 300mA max, running at 28VDC input Dial: Rotating roll dial configuration, blue over brown Traditional or Delta wing symbolic airplane
Panel Tilt: Aircraft specific - Specify exact tilt between 0° to 20° Battery: Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid cells Life=3 years in average aircraft environment Runtime=60 mins min, when fully charged & properly maintained
Annunciators: Push to engage annunciator: STBY PWR - standby power mode TEST - battery mode Lighting:  5, 14 or 28VDC, field-replaceable tray wired through main connector
Glass:  Special HEA anti-refelective coating Weight:  2.7lbs or 3.7lbs w/battery option
Length:  6.6", 8.6" w/battery option Mounting: Rear mount in standard 3 1/8" round panel cutout
Temperature Range:   -30°C to +50°C    


Lighting: 5, 14, 28VDC Lighting Color: White, Blue/White, Red or NVIS Green
Panel Tilt: Aircraft Specific - Specify exact tilt between 0° to 20° Dial: Fixed or rotating roll dial configurations, traditional or delta wing symbolic airplane
Knob Cover:  Restricts reference airplane adjustment Emergency Battery: One hour run time; automatic charging system. Remote mountable with available kit.
Inclinometer: Front-mounted, ball-type slip indicator Mounting:  Front mount available with ARINC style adapter plate
Part NumberElectric Attitude Gyro Description:
4300-311 10-32V, lighted, 0-20°
4300-312 10-32V, lighted, 0-20°, Fixed Dial
4300-331  10-32V, lighted, 0-20°, Hi Res Display 
4300-411  Lifesaver® w/Battery Backup, 10-32V, lighted, 0-20° 
4300-412  Lifesaver® w/Battery Backup, 10-32V, lighted, 0-20°, Fixed Dial  
4300-431  Lifesaver® w/Battery Backup, 10-32V, lighted, 0-20°, Hi Res Display 


- Front Mount Adapter (1/2")

NSN: 6625-00-231-8212

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The Mid-Continent Lifesaver Gyro with Battery Backup use a rechargeable, custom lead-acid cell array battery. The battery life is 3 years in an average aircraft environment. These versions of the Lifesaver Gyro will provide a minimum of 60 minutes runtime should the aircraft be without normal power.
When an order is placed for an attitude gyro, it is important that the following information be given:
  • Instrument model number
  • Aircraft voltage (14VAC or 28VAC)
  • Panel tilt angle
  • Lighted or unlighted #lighting voltage)
  • Fixed or movable pointer
  • Optional slip indicator

Note: There is an extra charge to reset the tilt angle after purchase.
Panel tilt refers to the tilt angle of an aircraft's panel. The tilt angle is any deviation from the vertical axis of the control panel in level flight. When ordering an attitude gyro indicator, it is very important to know the tilt angle of the aircraft panel. Check your aircraft equipment manual or inspect the labeling on the side of your gyroscope. Installing the incorrect angle will cause the horizon to show a climb or a dive.
If panel tilt is not known, the manufacturer of the aircraft should be able to provide that information. An attitude gyro indicator can be calibrated for a panel tilt from 0-14 degrees and should be specified when ordering. A label is attached to the gyro to indicate the tilt calibration of each unit. If a newly installed attitude gyro settles more than ± 1½ degrees pitch above or below where the expected horizon should be, then panel tilt or aircraft trimming issues should be suspected.