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Part #: MD41-1208D

Model: MD411208D




TAWS ACU for Dual Installations

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  • Terrain Awareness Annunciation Control Unit  (ACU) for Honeywell KGP560 EGPWS Systems
  • ACU is part of an incomplete system, intended function is to provide required or optional annunciation and mode selection for Class A, B or C TAWS Systems
  • Designed for Dual MD41 Installations
  • MD41-12XXD Series is designed for Installation in Pairs Only
  • Unique interlocking between the 2 units allow selection of Terrain Inhibit
  • Terrain Inhibit results in Both MD41's simultaneously displaying this selection and controlling the KGP560
  • Provides annunciation and mode selection required for FAA approval
  • Dual 100,000 hour LED's
  • Internally lighted selection switches and choice of manual or automatic photocell dimming
  • External annunciation dimming adjustment
  • Available in 14VDC or 28VDC and Horizontal or Vertical Mount (See Chart Below)
  • Control Units contain specific dash numbers to be used with various TAWS systems - the installer must match the correct controller p/n with the system being installed
  • Is TSO'd for installation in the Honeywell KGP560 EGPWS system - all other installations will void the TSO
  • No direct cooling is required
  • Must be mounted as close to the pilot's field of view as possible
  • Care must be taken to not bundle the logic and low level signal lines with any high energy sources
Dimensions: 2.75"W x 0.8"H x 3.22"D Weight: 0.50 lbs.
Certification: TSO C151a, PMA PQ3738CE, RTCA DO-160D Temperature: -55°C to +70°C
Humidity: 95% Non-Condensing Altitude Range: 0 to 55,000 ft
Operational Shock: Rigid Mounting, 6G Operational, 20G Crash Safety Design: Solid State
MD41-1204D, -1214D: 0.30 Amps MD41-1208D, -1218D: 0.40 Amps
MD41-1208D(5V), -1218D(5V): 0.42 Amps    
Part NumberTAWS Annunciator Control Unit Description:
MD41-1204D 14VDC, Horizontal Mount, Dual ACU Install w/KGP-560
MD41-1208D 28VDC, Horizontal Mount, Dual ACU Install w/KGP-560
MD41-1214D 14VDC, Vertical Mount, Dual ACU Install w/KGP-560
MD41-1218D 28VDC, Vertical Mount, Dual ACU Install w/KGP-560


- TAWS ACU for Dual Installations
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