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Model: CTL45P


PS Engineering

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  •  The PAC45P is a state-of-the-art audio isolation amplifier and audio selector that contains an automatic voice activated (VOX) intercom system
  • Can switch six transceivers (Com 1 - 6) and six receivers (Nav 1, Nav 2, MKR, and three additional inputs that can be individually labeled, for use with ADF, DME, AUX, etc.)
  • Four unswitched inputs, available for traffic or EGPWS, autopilot disconnect, and/or radar altimeter warning
  • The individual volume controls select the receiver audio source provided to the headphones when selected to the “out” position
  • An eight-station voice activated (VOX) intercom is included in the PAC45
  • System has PS Engineering’s patented IntelliVOX® circuitry that eliminates manual adjustments
  • The intercom system incorporates pilot isolate, all and crew modes, a stereo music input with "SoftMute"
  • PAC45P has an internal Bluetooth module, can be paired with up to eight individual devices, but will only connect to one at a time
  • Six (6) Com radio interfaces with True Dimensional Spatial Processing
  • Up to 3 individual control heads via RS-422
  • Custom legends are quick and easy to order for professional tailored form and function
  • Satellite Radio interface with full duplex phone
  • Seven-place intercom with Auto and PTT-ICS VOX
  • flightmate® field recordable audio alerts system
  • Six (6) switched inputs Note: AUX switches 3 inputs
  • Bluetooth interface for wireless phone and A2DP
  • 1.88” DZUS mount backward compatible NAT AMS 
  • Night Vision compliant to ANVIS III
  • Radio volume controls with pop-out switches



MUSIC FREQ RESPONSE 3 dB 20 Hz – 16 kHz audio selector/ intercom: C50c, Class A
operating temperature range: Operating: -20°C to +55°CShort Term Operating:-40° C to +70°CSurvival:-55° C to +85°C , Hub: -55º C to +70ºC VOLTAGE: 18 to 33 VDC
DIMENSIONS: Height: 1.9 in. (4.8 cm) Width: 5.75 in. (14.6 cm) Depth behind panel (PAC45): 7.38 in. (18.75 cm) including connectors MAXIMUM CURRENT:  0.5 Amp (Externally protected by a 1 Amp circuit breaker)
ALTITUDE:  Up to 55,000 feet in a non-pressurized area of the cockpit input isolation:  -60 dB (min.)
UNIT weight:  2.0 lb. (0.90 kg) AUDIO SELECTOR PANEL Impedance: 510 Ω
unswitched inputs: transmitter selectIONS: 7 (COM 1, COM 2, COM 3, COM 4, COM 5, COM 6 plus Telephone) (Can be relabled as desired)
headphone impedance: 150 – 1000 Ω headphone output: 200 mW into 150 Ω each side (left and right) headset, no clipping <.5% THD typical
speaker impedance:  4 Ω microphone impedance: 150 - 600 Ω 
intercom position: Up to 8 places (with individual IntelliVOX  circuits) music inputs:  1 (Stereo) plus Bluetooth
music muting: -30 dB "Soft Mute" when Com or intercom active distortion: <1% THD @ 200 mW into 150 Ω
BLUETOOTH RADIO: Class 3, FCC ID QOQWT32AI SPEAKER OUTPUT (-0002 & -0102 ONLY): 3 Vrms Maximum
mUSIC FREQ. RESPONSE 3 DB:  300 Hz - 6000 Hz ALERT POWER LIGHTING: CTL45 only: 150 mA < 5mA



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050-045-0200 Copilot Control Head for Flight Crew (OTS Push-Push)  
050-045-0214 Copilot Control Head for Flight Crew (OTS Push-Push)
050-045-0260 Copilot Control Head for Flight Crew (OTS Push-Push)
050-045-6200 Copilot Control Head for Flight Crew (OTS Push-Push)





- Special Mission Audio Controller
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- Special Mission Audio Controller (NVG)
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