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Part #: 050-045-1001

Model: HUB45AR


PS Engineering

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  • Using the successful PAC45 as the foundation, the all digital PAC45A adds capabilities that have been requested from operators with unique and additional requirements
  • Two additional Com radios were added for more advanced operational requirements
  • With a total of 8 Coms, MultiTalker™ provides up to 9 unique positions so that each radio has its very own location within the stereo headset
  • Up to four control heads can be connected to the PAC45A hub. Like the PAC45, the hub is the central wiring location for all of the radios with a simple RS-422 serial bus connected to each control head, making the wiring significantly easier when compared to analog audio controllers
  • The PAC45A integrates Receive Audio Indicator (RXI) inside the audio panel
  • Additionally, there are two built-in 10 watt speaker amplifiers for cockpit and public address
  • Up to 9 audio alerts are also available, and through the use of IntelliStore™ each of these inputs can be custom recorded 
  • Either rising, falling, or Sonalert inputs can activate these alerts
  • Once acknowledged, they are reset and then begin monitoring the inputs again
  • Sonalert triggers will remain active until the Sonalert voltage is removed


  • Eight (8) Com radio Interfaces
  • MultiTalker™
  • Nine-place stereo IntelliVox® intercom
  • Up to 4 control head capability
  • flightmate®  with IntelliStore™
  • Bluetooth® for cellphone and music inputs with Softmute™
  • Radio Receive Indicator (RXI)
  • Dual CVR (pilot & copilot)
  • Independent and Master Radio Volume Control
  • Field configurable volume controls for unswitched & alerts
  • High noise configuration (low mic gain)
  • Offside Com allows monitoring other Coms when transmitting
  • Night Vision complaint to ANVIS III
  • PIC (Pilot in command) transmit override
  • Swap mode, only swaps on the Coms you’re monitoring
  • Remote Intercom (ISO/ALL/CREW) Selector switch
  • 35 second stuck PTT disconnect
  • Field configurable switched settings – No computer necessary
  • 5VDC to 28VDC lighting with field adjustable settings
  • CALL feature
  • Reversionary mode
  • 2-Year PS Engineering ProSupport


OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -55º C to +70ºC WEIGHT: 2.0 lbs. (.905 kg)
ALTITUDE: Up to 50,000 feet in an non-pressurized area HEIGHT: 1.9" Width: 5.88" w/mounting flanges, Length 7.22", 12" w/ all connectors






- PAC45A Audio Control Hub
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