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Part #: 050-781-0204

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  • The PMA7000BT is a direct slide-in replace to the PMA6000 series as well as UPS-AT SL-10M
  • While the PMA7000BT is a mono intercom system, it does have our renown 6-place IntelliVox® automatic Voice Operated Relay (VOX) intercom system
  • PMA7000BT provides 3-com capability with a option to easily convert Com 3 to a full duplex cellular telephone interface
  • Split Mode, allows the pilot to be on Com 1, while the copilot is on Com 2, freeing up the pilot to work with ATC while the copilot gets weather and fuel information in flight
  • 6 - Place hi-fi mono intercom with Soft Mute™
  • 2 - music mute modes: Mute On and Mute Off
  • Built-in Marker Beacon Receiver
  • Hardwired Satelite Telephone connection (in lieu of Com 3) which provides provides dedicated On/Off hook switches for unprecedented flexibility
  • Split mode for dual audio panel capability
  • 2  hi-fidelity mono music source inputs
  • 3 - Isolation modes - Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew
  • 4 - unswitched inputs
  • Selectable music muting for passengers
  • Selectable special intercom mode with  "Alternate Intercom Mode"
  • RAM (Radio Active Mute) eliminates constant back ground noise from radio static
  • PMA7000BT Audio Panel with Marker Beacon and Stereo intercom
  • Additional Information: PMA7000BT Installation Manual
marker beacon:  C35d, Class A audio selector/ intercom: C50c, Class A
applicable documents: RTCA/DO-214 RTCA/DO-143 RTCA/DO-160C RTCA/DO-178B  qualifications: A1D1/CA(MN)XXXXXXBBBBTBKXX
operating temperature range: -15º C to 55ºC VOLTAGE: 11 to 33 VDC
DIMENSIONS: Height: 1.3 in. (3.3 cm) Width: 6.25 in. (16.9 cm) Depth: 6.8 in. (17.3 cm MAXIMUM CURRENT:  2.5 Amp (Externally protected by a 3A pull-type breaker)
ALTITUDE:  Up to 50,000 feet in an non-pressurized area input isolation:  60 dB (min.)
weight WITH RACK & CONNECTORS:  1.5 lb. (0.54 kg) AUDIO SELECTOR PANEL Impedance: Input-510 Ω
unswitched inputs: transmitter selectION: 5 (Com 1, Com 2, Com 3 Com1/2, Com1/3)
headphone impedance: 150 – 1000 Ω headphone output: 38 mW each headset, no clipping <1% THD
speaker impedance:  4 Ω microphone impedance: 150 - 600 Ω
intercom position: 6 places (with individual IntelliVox® circuits) music inputs: 2, (Independent, Stereo)
music muting: >-30 dB "Soft Mute" when Com or intercom active distortion: <1% THD @ 38 mW into 150 Ω
mic freq. response  3dB,300 Hz - 6000 Hz FREQUENCY: 75 MHz Crystal Controlled
SENSITIVITY: Capable of: (preset at factory for field application) Low:1000 µ Volts (Hard) (360 to 570 µ V soft) High: 200 µ Volts (Hard) (130 to 200 µ V soft) SELECTIVITY: -6 dB at ±10 kHz -40 dB at ±120 kHz
EXTERNAL LAMP OUTPUT: 7.5 (±4 VDC unloaded, at maximum brightness) VDC positive when active, max. current 125 mA MM SENSE: Active high (4.5 ± 1.0VDC)
SPEAKER MUTING: -60 dB (min.) SPEAKER OUTPUT: (into 4 ) with no clipping 14 VDC: 28 VDC: 3 Watts (min.) 10 Watts (min.)
MUSIC FREQ. RESPONCE: 3dB, 20 Hz - 18kHz    




- Audio Panel w/ Marker Beacon, w/ Bluetooth
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