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Part #: PSAIR12+1

Model: PSAIR12


Power Sonix


Amplified Speaker (300W)

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  • Airborne Public Address System
  • System has 1 bell, two 150 watt drivers, a Power Sonix 600 watt amplifier and a 150 ohm input impedance pre-am
  • Delivers 300 watt RMS, 145 SPL @ 1 meter
  • Has a range of .75 miles
  • Designed for ultralight surveillance UAV's (Unmanned Airborne Vehicles) and lightweight rotary aircraft


Distance @ 70 dB: .75 miles SPL @ 1 Meter: 145 dB (PSAIR12) 145 dB/pr (PSAIR12+1)
Power Output: 300W RMS (PSAIR12) 600W RMS (PSAIR12+1) Pre-Amp: 150 Ohm Input Impedance
Frequency Response: 400 to 4500 Hertz Harmonic Distortion: 1%
Sensitivity: 1 Volt RMS @ 1 kHz DC Voltage Range: 24-32 VDC
Peak Current Shutdown: 35 Amps RMS 2-Bell Array Size: 13.25" x 9.75" x 15.25"
Amplified Speaker Weight: 14 lbs. (PSAIR12) 27 lbs. (PSAIR12+1) Temperature Range: -40°F to +140°F
Part NumberPublic Address System Description:
PSAIR12 See details above
PSAIR12+1 Same as PSAIR12 with an additional speaker facing the opposite direction, doubling the coverage. Each speaker delivers 300 watt RMS, 145 SPL @ 1 meter, and has a range of .75 miles.


- Amplified Speaker (Split, 600W)
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