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Amplified Speaker

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  • Aerodynamic hexagon enclosure that reduces weight, drag, surface area and the vertical clearance required for mounting
  • The PSAIR22N comes in 4 models to suit your specific aircraft and installation requirements.
  • Each has 2 horns, 4 speaker drivers and our new aerodynamic hexagon enclosure.
  • The differences between these models are the components housed within the hexagon enclosure
  • Our standard configuration. Enclosure includes a 600-watt amplifier
  • The PSAIR22N hexagon enclosure has two connectors.
  • The “Power” connector will be attached to 28VDC either at the aircraft power buss (usu. via ring terminal) or an auxiliary battery pack 
  • The “Remote” connector will attach to the Remote Control Unit (PSRCU) or to a suitable cockpit audio panel such as the Technisonic A790
  • As shown on the front photo, mating plates attached to each side of the PSAIR22N enclosure enable it to be secured to a mounting bracket 
  • This can be the PSBRKT22N used for demonstrations or a bracket designed and fabricated by your installer to meet your installation requirements
HORNS: 2 HORNS Wattage of standard: 600 W
AMPLIFIER: 600W Included MAX. CURRENT DRAW: 20 amp.
recommended breaker rating: 30 amp spl @ 1M: 138 dB
RANGE AT 70 DB: 1 Mile , 1600 meters weight of standard amplifier speaker: 24 lbs, 10.89 Kg
max space requirement for speaker array: 13.75” x 9.75” x 12.75” 34.93 cm x 24.77 cm x 32.39 cm    


PSAIR22N 600-watt PA for mid-sized helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft


- Amplified Speaker
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