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Model: RT-B77




High Efficiency PLB, 90 Deg

Part Number :

  • Personal Locator Beacon
  • Very high output power
  • Designed for use under adverse conditions
  • Extremely compact, lightweight design
  • High efficiency RF amplifier technology
  • Water resistant up to 50 m for diving applications
  • Automatic activation upon contact with water (can be disabled)
  • Programmable beacon ID for transmission
  • Functional and operating status by LED and built-in speaker
  • Voice output at RF and speaker
  • PLL design for free selection of training frequency
  • Microprocessor controlled power management for long battery life
Dimensions: 77mm w x 103mm h x 27mm d weight: 230g
operating temp: -20°C to +60°C ingress protection: Water resistant up to 5 bar / 50m
Output power: 2 W* Operating frequency: 121.500 MHz (VHF) 243.000 MHz (UHF) optionally available
training frequency: Preselectable in 25 kHz increments, between 120.000 -125.000 MHz Modulation: A3X and ASK (FSK on request)
Battery Type: 2 x 9 V block LiMnO2 battery life: 6h to 48h
interfaces: IrDA and RS232 Antenna: 260 mm monopole antenna, 90° monopole life-jacket antenna
Drag: 1.0 lb Mach .85 @ 35,000 ft  Side Load: 6 PSI
*As a function of microprocessor controlled power management
Part NumberPLB Description:
RT-8002 High Efficiency Locator Beacon (90°)
RT-8003 High Efficiency Locator Beacon (180°)


- High Efficiency PLB, 90 Deg
Price Condition Status
- High Efficiency PLB, 180 Deg
Price Condition Status

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