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Part #: 305005-01

Model: SA 3




Regulator/Dimming Board

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Sandia Aerospace
SA 3 Regulator/Dimming Module
  • SANDIA Aerospace’s SA 3, SA 3L and SA 3NVG provide the installer with a regulated voltage to drive external annunciator lamps when installing new avionics and accessory equipment
  • Designed to provide up to 12 outputs, the installer can adjust both the maximum and minimum brightness to match the existing annunciators lamps
  • The SA 3 and SA 3L are single circuit card which can be installed in SANDIA Aerospace’s SRU-1 single card enclosure or in either the SRU-5 or the SRU-10 multi-card enclosures
  • The SA-3NVG provides a third level of display brightness for NVG applications
  • SA 3 provides .5 amps of annunciator drive (1 amp short term for test purposes)
  • The SA-3 and SA-3L provide two levels of brightness for day and night settings
  • The SA-3 is used with incandescent lamps, the SA-3L is for use with LED lamps
  • The SA-3NVG provides a third level of display brightness for NVG applications
  • .5 Amp Continuous, 1 Amp Short Term (for annunciator test)
  • Adjustable Voltage To Match Existing Annunciators Brightness for either incandescent or LED’s (SA 3L)
  • Multiple Output Pins Eliminates Splices In Wiring Harness
  • Tested to Meet or Exceed DO160D
  • Easily Field Serviceable – Worldwide
  • Backed By SANDIA Aerospace’s 3 Year Warranty
Weight: .20 lbs dimensions: W 3.92 x H 3.5 x D .82 in
operating temperature: -55° to +70°C aLTITUDE: 70,000 ft.
voltage: 28 VDC STC/pma: ST09475SC Embraer EMB120-Yes, STC3007WI-T (Aircraft-Embraer EMB120, Cessna Citation 650)-*Yes
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305005-01 Regulator/Dimming Board          



- Regulator/Dimming Board
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