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Part #: 1233-F-2191-10

Model: SDR


Satcom Direct

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  • The SDR is a connectivity platform that optimizes the onboard internet experience, enabling laptops, tablets and smartphones to do their jobs to maintain productivity at every altitude
  • Global One IP, available only on the SDR Series, delivers a smooth transition between satellite networks, and continuous software updates—always included—mean the latest technological advancements are available
  • Providing asecure and reliable wireless connection, passengers can make and receive calls, text, email, connect to the internet and stream video
  • The advanced SDR technology automatically selects the best connection available—on the ground or in the air—always keeping you connected
  • It offers acceleration, Geo-Referencing and a fully integratedPBX for both wired and wireless voice capabilities
  • The SDR interfaces with onboard avionics allowing it to extract operational data from the airplane, such as telemetry and position data, providing useful aircraft performance information
  • Supports all satellite-based connections (L-band, Ka, Ku, X) and ATG
  • Talk, text, email, browse or stream
  • Office in the sky experience 
  • Cellular data 
  • VoIP calling
  • • Satellite ready solution for L-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band, and ATG communications 
  • Gigabit Ethernet Support for WAN, LAN and cabin connectivity 
  • 802.11n Dual-Band (2.4 + 5.0 GHz) WiFi 
  • ISDN Support  
  • Cellular Data Capable with 3G data support for Internet access on the ground and remote support  
  • Multiple WiFi network support allows for separate guest and/or VIP networks  
  • ARINC 429 interfaces for location services, flight tracking/moving maps, and/or avionics monitoring 
  • Customizable Discrete I/O Support  
  • Mounting provision: Flange
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1233-F-2191-10 Satcom Direct Router



- Router
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