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Part #: PC920-6A0500PH-2A1


Senior Aerospace


Signal Conditioner

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  • Signal Conditioner
  • Direct replacement for current legacy systems
  • Interfaces with newer flight management systems with current instrumentation
  • Conform to the requirements of FAA document TSO-C44b
Flow Sensor input: Input full scale frequency range: 1600 Hz Max Input: Input Type: Balanced Input Impedance: 20K ohms Input Sensitivity: 7 millivolts RMS at frequencies < 100 Hz
Temperature: Temperature Sensor Type: RTD, Nickel 270 Alloy Sensor Input: Temperature Sensor Resistance @ 25°C:1000 ohms +/- 1% Temperature Coefficient: 6 ohms per °C Temperature Range: -67°C to 158°F (-55° to 70°C)
Totalizer Output: Output type: Solid-State switch to ground Current sink: 400 mA maximum Totalizer supply source: +28 vdc fuse protected Pulse width: 50 ms Rise/fall time: < 25/us Output frequency: dependant on scaling, 10 Hz maximum Accuracy: +/- 3% of indicated total with fuel at nominal density, variations in fuel density from nominal will affect accuracy Indicator Rate Output: Accuracy: +/- 3% of full scale flow rate with fuel of nominal density Fuel density variations from nominal will affect accuracy Linearity: +/- 1% of full scale Output Impedance: > 400K ohms
Auxiliary Analog Output: Type: Voltage output signal proportional to flow rate Full Scale Voltage: 5.000 or 5.333 vdc Slew rate: < 0.5 s from zero to full scale Accuracy: +/- 2.0% of full scale Repeatability: +/- 0.1% of full scale Linearity: +/- 0.2% of full scale Temperature Drift: +/- 0.01% of full scale per °F (+/- .02% of full scale per °C) Output Impedance: < 1K ohms Power Requirements: Voltage: +10 to 32 vdc Current: Each channel 75mA typical 100mA maximum, excluding totalizer current
Temperature Range: -22° to +122°F -30° to +50°C Mating Connectors: J1 - MS3116F14-15S J2 - MS116F14-15SX
Part NumberSignal Conditioner Description:
PC920-6A0500PH-2A1 see details above


J1 - MS3116F14-15S J2 - MS116F14-15SX
- Double Signal Conditioner
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