Part #: S67-2002-14

Model: S67-2002-14

Sensor Systems - Radio Altimeter Antenna
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  • Flush Mounted Radio Altimeter Antenna
  • Provides improved performance and reduced size and weight
  • Ideal for general aviation application
  • Federal & Military Specs: FAA TSO C87, ARINC 707/552, DO-160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-A-9094, MIL-B-5087, MIL-E-5400


Frequency: 4200-4400 MHz VSWR: 2.0:1 (4200-4400) 1.5:1 (4275-4325) 
Polarization: Linear Impedance: 50 ohms 
Beam Width: Roll Plane (E) :45° min Pitch Plane (H) :40° min.  Power Handling: 5 w/avg. 500 w/peak
Side Lobe Level: -40 dB Gain: 9.5 dBi
Lightning Protection: DC grounded  Weight: 4 oz
Dimensions: .17 in H x 3.65 in L x 3.50 in W  Material: 6061-T6 aluminum / teflon glass 
Finish: Skydrol-resistant enamel  Connector: TNC 
Temperature:  -65°F to +185°F  Vibration:  10 G's 
Altitude:  -1000 ft to +45000 ft     
Part Number Radio Altimeter Antenna Description:
S67-2002 see details above
S67-2002-12  Same as above except circular baseplate requires mounting with eight (8) screws 
S67-2002-14 Same as above except for connector length of 1.0 inch for Raytheon application
S67-2002-45  Same as above except for metalized countersinks and conductor length of 1.4 inches. Embraer 170/190 applications 


- Radio Altimeter Antenna
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