Part #: 962820-2

Model: ADC-200

Shadin - Air Data Computer
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  • Fuel/Airdata Computer
  • Interfaces with the latest GPS systems to deliver real-time fuel management information, winds aloft,  & airdata information
  • Remote-mounted, all calculated functions are viewed directly on the GPS
  • Calculated pressure altitude fed from the ADC-200 to the GPS substitutes as 4th satellite navigation information
  • For jet operators, pitot/static source error correction curves were added. A bootstrap HSI must be installed for heading information.
  • RS232/422 output fed to the GPS receiver automatically generates the following information on the GPS fuel & wind pages:    - Individual engine fuel flow    - TAS, winds aloft, wind component    - Mach, Indicated Air Speed, Instantaneous Vertical Speed, True Air      Temperature, Rate of Turn, Outside Air Temperature,      Pressure Altitude, Density Altitude, Magnetic Heading


Weight: 20 oz. Size: 6.3"L x 3.4"W x 3.5"H
Temperature: -40°C to +70°C Altitude: Up to 55,000 feet
Protection: Not internally fused Power Supply: 28VDC @ 1300mA or 14VDC @ 900mA
Categories:  F2BA(PKSMNO)XXXXXXBBBBAB Software: DO-178A Level II
Hardware: DO-160B Input: Pitot/Static Heading Synchro XYZ info from an HSI bootstrap, OAT from a Shadin Avionics OAT probe, Fuel Flow info (may require transducers), RS-232/422 from GPS
Output: RS-232/422 fed to the GPS receiver to display the following info: individual engine fuel flow (GPS calculates fuel remaining/used, fuel to destination, left/right engine used, etc.), TAS, Winds Aloft, Wind Component, Mach, IAS, IVS, TAT, ROT, OAT, PA, DA, MH TSO Category: C106, C44A


- Air Data Computer
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