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Fuel/Airdata Computer

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  • Fuel/Airdata System displaying fuel flow information and NAV information from interface with existing GPS or LORAN receivers
  • Panel mounted version of ADC-200 Fuel/Airdata computer
  • Provides E-6B data such as pressure altitude, density altitude, outside and true air temperature, winds aloft, wind component (speed & direction), indicated and true airspeed, ground speed, Mach, and instantaneous vertical speed
  • Provides fuel flow functions suchas left and right fuel flow, fuel flow used, fuel remaining, fuel to and reserves at destination, range, cruise efficiency (nautical mileage), and endurance
  • Provides navigation data such as heading, ground track, and magnetic variation Note: Aircraft must be equipped with indicator with heading synchro (bootstrap) to obtain this data
  • Compatible with Bendix/King KLN-88 Loran and KLN-90/A/B GPS receivers
  • Compatible with IIMorrow 604,612,614,618 Loran units
  • Compatible with Trimble 2000,2000A,2100,3000,3100 GPS receivers
  • Compatible with all Northstar, Garmin, and Magellan GPS/Loran units
  • Selectable for single or twin aircraft configurations
  • Red dot matrix (LED) display
  • Available in Citation grey bezel color

PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES MAY VARY DEPENDING ON AIRCRAFT TYPES AND CONFIGURATIONS Please indicate the following information when ordering or submitting quote request for exact pricing: - Aircraft year, make, model, and serial number? - Engine make, model, serial number, and either fuel injected or carburated? - Fuel displayed in gallons, pounds, or liters? - Type of fuel used: Avgas or Jet fuel? - GPS input type, make, and model? - Will original gauge be removed? - If aircraft has existing fuel flow sytem to be removed, advise part number and type of original transducer




Weight: 22 oz. Size: 3.125" round x 6.5" deep
Temperature: -20 to +50C Power: 9-35 VDC, 1 watt nominal
Output Format: RS-422/RS-232, ARINC 429 (optional) Flow Rate: up to 450 GPH
Max Usable Fuel: 1800 gallons Accuracy: +-1%
TSO: C-106, C-44a Environmental: RTCA DO-160B
Software: RTCA DO-178A, Level II Input: pitot pressure, static pressure, OAT, heading synchro, fuel flow
Outputs: IAS, TAS, ground speed, Mach, P. Alt, D. Alt, OAT, TAT, wind aloft, wind component, fuel flow, fuel used, fuel remaining, cruise efficiency, endurance, L. fuel used, R. fuel used, IVS, heading, track, magnetic variation    




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 912802 Fuel/Airdata Computer




- Fuel/Airdata Computer
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