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Part #: 912041T-D

Model: MiniFlo-L




Fuel Flow Computer

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  • Computerized Fuel Management System
  • Designed to receive data output from GPS receivers to correlate fuel and navigation information
  • Provides real time calculations of fuel needed to destination, reserve fuel at destination, and cruise efficiency measured in nautical miles per gallon
  • Display functions provide fuel flow, fuel used, fuel remaining, and time remaining for up to 900 gallons
  • Fits in 1/2 ATI hole
  • Readout can be in gallons, pounds, or liters
  • Can be installed on virtullay any single or twin, reciprocating or turbine engine aircraft by selecting proper fuel flow transducer
  • Total fuel flow normally displayed on left of display window
  • Twin engine models display fuel flow of each engine seperately
  • Fuel used and fuel remaining are continuously computed and displayed on right of display
  • Endurance displays number of hours and minutes aircraft can fly at present fuel flow and available fuel
  • Amount of fuel used and fuel remaining are stored into non-volatile memory during power shut-down
  • Test Function checks actual operation of all Microflo functions even when flying
PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES MAY VARY DEPENDING ON AIRCRAFT TYPES AND CONFIGURATIONS Please indicate the following information when ordering or submitting quote request for exact pricing:
    - Aircraft year, make, model, and serial number?
    - Engine make, model, serial number, and either fuel injected or carburated?
    - Fuel displayed in gallons, pounds, or liters?
    - Type of fuel used: Avgas or Jet fuel?
    - GPS input type, make, and model?
    - Will original gauge be removed?
    - If aircraft has existing fuel flow sytem to be removed, advise part number and type of original transducer
Weight: 14 oz. Size: 3.25" x 1.25" x 7.5"
Temperature: -30 to +50C Input Voltage: 12-28 VDC
Input Current: .5 amp max Flow Rate: up to 450 GPH
Max Usable Fuel: 900 gallons Accuracy: +-1%
TSO: C44a Humidity: 95% at 32C


- Fuel Flow Computer
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