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STC Right to Use

Part Number :

STC #SR00925DE


PLEASE NOTE: This P/N listing is for the STC Right to Use Only and does not include components. For additional information, and to inquire about the full STC package, please Contact SEA at or call 321-255-9877

  • AML STC for installing ADS-B Out System (with optional ADS-B In functionality) using Garmin GTX 335R and GTX 345R Transponders and a Qualified GPS with WAAS into eligible Part 29 rotorcraft - View Approved Model List
  • SEA’s STC #SR00925DE provides the approval for the removal of the existing transponder (XPDR) system and the installation of the Garmin GTX-345R and GTX-335R (with or without internal GPS) and the Gables G-7534-100X (black or grey) or the G7614-50X (black or grey) into the aircraft listed within the AML
  • Aircraft with the ability to install the panel mounted version GTX have this option instead of the remote mounted system; if an existing GTN is installed, the Gables CTL is not required as the GTN will control the GTX units
  • STC includes the option of the Flightstream 110 for ADS-B In data from the GTX-345R if required
  • STC does not cover any structural mounting of the antenna or the GTX-3X5R; additional approval may be required for structural installation
  • STC Includes DGAC Mexico Validation, and TCCA Canada Approval
  • STC RTU (right to use) available for purchase by authorized Garmin Dealers Only, or Contact SEA for availability of STC installation at our Melbourne, FL facility


- STC Right to Use
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