Part #: 961072-2

Model: A711

Technisonic - Audio Control (Black, 28VDC Lighting)
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  • This unit is designed to provide high performance cockpit audio control in high noise installations
  • Compatible with the ACCESS/A family format, to allow fleet wide compatibility with all ACCESS/A installations
  • A711 has individual volume controls for the transceiver inputs
  • The high powered A711 audio controller delivers at least 332 mW of audio into 150 ohms at less than 2% total distortion to the pilot and co-pilot positions simultaneously
  • Delivers lower output powers into 300 and 600 ohm headsets
  • Pilot’s position may also be internally strapped to interface with 8-20 ohm headsets at the same power level
  • Push-button transmit selector switches allow immediate selection of any of the seven supported aircraft communications transceivers or PA amplifiers
  • The push-button audio input selector switches allows selection of any or all of the supported transceivers and Nav aids
  • ACCESS/A systems have auto-RX switching, when a transmitter is selected, to reduce pilot workload and avoid operational problems
  • Front panel selectable and adjustable VOX, LIVE, or KEYED intercom (ICS) functions
  • EMERGENCY mode push-button switch (switch and LED turn redorange when activated) provides "straight through" or “fail-passive” transmit and receive audio for the pilot on the selected communications channel
  • In the NORMAL position (switch turns black & LED green), the pilot's audio is provided as selected by all of the panel controls, and is part of the ICS system
  • Separate RX and ICS volume controls are provided on the panel along with an ICS VOX threshold control
  • Provides ICS support and boom mic TX support for a complete aircraft crew, including the pilot, co-pilot, and up to 4-6 additional passengers



dEPTH: 6.07 inches wIDTH (MAX): 5.75 inches
HEIGHT: 2.625 inches WEIGHT (INCLUDING ALERTING): 3.0 lbs. (1.36 Kg)
DC Voltage (MIN, TYPICAL, MAX): 20.0V, 28 V, 32.2V DC Current: 1 A (6 users @150 Ω, + speaker @8 Ω)
Backlighting Input: Standard  28 VDC @ 70 mA, Optional  5 VDC @ 370 mA Input Impedance (Normal Mode, any RX input):  2K-1.5K Ω (approx.)
Input Impedance (Emergency Mode, Com1-7 RX Inputs) 50 Ω + Headset Z (typical) Headset Channel Output Impedance: 8 or 80 Ω (depending on settings)
H/S Audio Power Output: At least 332 mW (primary user) into 150 Ω with 6 headsets (150 Ω each) connected H/S Audio Power Output: At least 500 mW (pilot) into 8-20 Ω, At least 1500 mW (total) into 6 users @ 150 Ω
Speaker Power Output: At least 2.5 W into 8 Ω Audio Distortion (Speaker or H/S): Less than 2% THD @ 1 kHz at total rated output
Audio Frequency Response (ICS): Within 3 dB from 300 Hz to 6000 Hz Audio Frequency Response (Rx & NAV): Within 3 dB from 300 Hz to 3000 Hz
Hum and Noise Level: Better than -60 dB below 500 mW Input Muting (when mike is keyed): Adjustable
Input to Input Isolation: Better than -70 dB between inputs Deselected Input Isolation : Better than -65 dB
Temperature (operating) : -45°C to +70° Celsius Temperature (survival non-operating): -55°C to +85° Celsius
Humidity: 95% Non-condensing Shock: 12 g (any axis)
Altitude: 25,000 feet    
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961072-2 Audio Control (Black, 28VDC Lighting 
961072-2nv Audio Control (Black, 28VDC Lighting



- Audio Control (Black, 28VDC Lighting)
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