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Part #: TFM138BGNV

Model: TFM-138B




VHF FM Transceiver w/ NVG

Part Number :

  • Airborne VHF FM Transceiver 
  • 138-174 MHz in 2.5 kHz steps
  • 12.5 kHz (narrow band) or 25 kHz (wide band) channel spacing
  • Two channel synthesized guard receiver
  • 120 channels of preset memory
  • 3" high, dzus mount, self-contained transceiver weighing 3 lbs
  • FCC and IC (Industry Canada) approved
  • Airworthiness approved
  • USFS approved


Frequency Range: 138.000 MHz to 174.000 MHz  Tuning Increments:  2.5kHz
Operating Mode: F3E simplex or semi-duplex Channel Spacing:  12.5 kHz, 25 kHz or 30 kHz as per applicable FCC and DOC spec 
Memory Positions: 120 Channels Physical Dimensions: Approx. 8" x 3" x 5.75"
Weight: 3.1 lbs Temperature Range:  -45°C to +70°C
Altitude: 50,000 ft  Power Requirement: 28 VDC Receiver - 600 ma 1 Watt transmit - 1.3 amps 10 Watts transmit - 2 amps
Environmental: RTCA DO-160C (B2, D1)XXX(B,M,N)XXXXXXZBBXXXZXXX Certification:  FCC and DOC Type Approved 
Guard Receiver:  2 Channel Synthesized  CTCSS Squelch Capability:  Encodes/Decodes all 63 Available Tones 
DPL/DCS Capability:  Encodes/Decodes all Available Digital Sq. Codes  DTMF Encoder:  All standard DTMF tones Available 
Audio Output:  500 mw into 600 Ohms  Speaker Output:  2.5 Watts into 4 Ohms 
Back Lighting:  28V (standard) or 5V (specify)  Display:  Green (standard), red (optional) 
Audio Distortion:  Less than 5%  Transmitter RF Power Output:  1 Watt or 10 Watts
Frequency Stability:  ± 0.0005%     
Part Number Airborne VHF FM Transceiver Description:
921012-1 (option B) Green Display and 28V back lighting
921012-1 (5V)(option B) Green Display and 5V back lighting
921012-2 (option B) Red Display and 28V back lighting 
921012-2 (5V) (option B) Red Display and 5V back lighting


- VHF FM Transceiver w/ NVG
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