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Digital Chronometer

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CM20 SwissChrono
  • Digital Chronometer
  • Swiss Made precision, multifunctional chronometer designed to operate under the most stringent operating conditions in civil and military aircraft
  • Designed according to the latest civil and military avionics standards
  • Features a three line display with light digits on dark background
  • Supports simultaneous indication of a combination of clock- and timer-function reading
  • Several day/night mode backlight options including NVIS A & B compatibility
  • Time base is supplided by a dedicated interal power reserve to provide the time-keeping function even when aircraft power is removed
  • 24 hour clock for UTC or Local Time (LT) in 12/24 hrs format
  • Up or down counting Elapsed Timer (ET/ETD)
  • Maintenance Timer (MTH)
  • Flight Timer (FT) with pre-settable alarm (FTA)
  • Elapsed Timer and Flight Timere Alarm with a common switching output or an external signaling device
  • Flight Timer (FT, FTA and MTH) remotely controlled by a configurable switch input
  • Remote setting functions via serial link (RS-232) in master and slave mode
  • Installer accessible installation feature settings
  • Installer customizable Lighting Dimming Curve for day and night mode
  • Lighting options (white/white, white/red, white/gree NVIS A & B)
  • Comprehensive Built In Test with interal maintenance and failure log
time base accuracy: Better than ± 0.2s / 24 h MTBF: > 20,000 hrs MIL-HDBK-217
lighting options for nvis equip compatibility: MIL-STD-3009 Type I Class B or RTCA/DO-275 or OST 1 00415-81    
supply power: Nominal 14 or 28VDC < 300 mA @ 28VDC Lighting mode input signal: 0 to Supply Power Voltage sinks < 5 mA against power return
ft & mth run signal: 0 to Supply Power Voltage sinks < 5 mA against power return ETD & FTA ALARM output signal: Solid state switch output sinking < 1000 mA against power return
temperature: -55°C to +85°C ground survival and storage
-45°C to +70°C continuous operational
further options are available on request
cooling: none
altitude: 55,000 ft. for continuous operational and storage
further options are available on request
humidity: < 99% rel. humidity non condensing for continuous operational and storage
RTCA/DO-160F: [B2Z]BBB[U2]EWFSFSY[ZI]AZ[ZC](ZN)[RR]M[A3H33]XXAC Mil-std-810F: Method 514.5
Method 505.4 Procedure I
RTCA/DO-178B: Software Level D RTCA/DO-254: DAL D
form factor: 2” Semi ARINC housing
L 62.0 mm (2.441 in) x W 60.3 mm (2.375 in) x H 60.3 mm (2.375 in)
Weight: 210 grams (7.4 oz)
color: FED-STD-595 Housing black (37038) or grey (36118), Markings white (37875) installation: Semi ARINC Housing installs using a metal mounting clamp
Connector Amphenol 71-570123-12-10 mates with MS3116E12-10S


- Digital Aircraft Chronometer
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